Pipe Nipples that connect your pipes with durability!

The need for installing pipes is always there, wherever we require an application of drainage and the flow of substances like water and gasses. Installation of the pipes is the essential requirement of a place in the form of kitchens, bathrooms, and other drainages pipes serve an essential purpose at every place that humans use. The pipes carry out the function of the flow of these substances to the drains. Thus, installing good-strength and durable pipes is very important so that no contamination or leakage could cause trouble.

Keeping in mind the structure of the places where the pipelines are installed, and the lines are run around, we might require extensions and amendments according to the need of the users and the requirement of the place of application. For that purpose, one needs to create a type of extension in the form of BSP Threaded Pipe Nipple. These threaded pipe nipples are the type of short pieces of hardware made up of various kinds of metals. They are primarily up to lengths of 12” or smaller. The end of either or both sides consists of thread-like structures that allow the insertion option for two or more pipe ends. These thread pipes are available in two types

NPT threaded Pipes

These pipes nipples that have threads at 60° angle and have flattened peaks and valleys

BSP threaded pipes

These are types of pipe nipples that have threads at a 55° angle and have rounded peaks.

Types of Pipe Nipples

There are various types of these threaded pipe nipples. People use these pipe nipples according to their needs and the requirement of the application. Some of the main types of these nipple pipes are:

barrel pipe nipple

These are NPT pipes threaded at both the ends and an unthreaded section in the middle.

T.O.E Pipe nipple

These are the pipes with the threads at just one end. They are ideal for applications like the legs of oil tanks.

Weld pipe nipple

These pipes have no connection provision as they do not have any threads on any end; they are connected to the other pipe with the help of a weld forming a permanent and more durable type of connection.

close pipe nipple

These are the types of pipe nipples that do not have any unthreaded parts. They are usually used in cases where two female fittings are needed to be connected.

shoulder pipe nipple

These pipe nipples are similar to the close pipe nipples in that they have threads on both ends with very little space for the unthreaded part.

hex pipe nipple

It is threaded on both ends, with the middle part hexagonal, allowing the wrench to hold.

right-left hand

These types of pipes have a thread located on the right hand of the nipple and the other one on the left hand, the other end.

swage pipe nipple

These types of pipe nipples are the ones that connect the flow from one size of pipe to a different size.

seamless pipe nipple

These are the pipe nipples that are structurally stronger; they are specially used to resist high pressures.

grooved pipe nipples

These grooved pipe Nipples are an ideal application for commercial purposes.


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