Agreement of Divorce in Pakistan and Maintenance:

 To get ready you agreement of divorce in Pakistan or maintenance of wife you may contact Nazia Law Associates. For Divorce in Pakistan, U need to Perform the Complete Divorce Procedure in Pakistan & Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan with the heIp of Best Divorce Lawyer in Lahore.  A temporary agreement can be worked out between the couple, no application is needed, but this may affect the tax position for the divorce in Pakistan or maintenance of wife. An application for proper maintenance should be made as soon as the divorce proceedings are started.

Affidavit With Financial Status:

An affidavit of means setting out the applicant’s finances and an estimate of the other spouse’s financial status. The husband (or wife) will also have to file an affidavit of means. Legal aid can cover maintenance disputes, even if the divorce itself is Undefended. When the registrar hears the maintenance application in his chambers, he will go through the affidavits and probably question both husband and wife for the divorce in Pakistan or maintenance of wife.

Papers & Documents:

 If necessary, he can call for papers and other documents. If, for instance, he is self-employed in a cash business. In such a case, the court might base its order on his apparent standard of living; it would not necessarily accept that the figures on his income-tax return were accurate. Of course, the wife’s lawyers would arrange for his accounts to be carefully examined by an independent accountant. The amount of maintenance awarded will usually be determined on the principles set out in the Wachtel case – i.e., the one-third-of-combined-incomes rule. If the wife receives a substantial share of the house or a lump-sum payment irrespective of the agreement of divorce in Pakistan or maintenance of wife, she will probably have to accept a smaller amount of maintenance.

Divorce in Pakistan:

The wife regarding the divorce in Pakistan or maintenance of wife should always ask for the maintenance order to be registered in the magistrates’ court- this will simplify matters if the husband stops paying, But, in practice, the High Court and county court both come under a lot of pressure from the magistrate’s courts not to allow orders to be registered in the magistrate’s court (basically, magistrates court clerks think they already have too much work).

High Court:

 Usually, therefore, the High Court and county court will only agree to registration in the magistrate’s court if the husband already has a bad payment record, and it seems likely that he will default in the future. Divorce Court: If the husband stops paying the maintenance, he will have broken the court order if the husband stops paying. The wife’s remedy for the divorce in Pakistan or maintenance of wife is to go back to the court and ask it to enforce the order against him – either by giving him a warning, making an attachment of earnings order, or sending him to prison. However, it is easier to apply to the magistrate’s court than to the divorce court (i.e., High Court or county court). Withal magistrates’ court order, the wife, can simply go along to the court, and a summons will be issued against her husband straight away. The case will probably be heard in a week or two.


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