Laptop on EMI with a Debit Card

A few decades ago, having a laptop was considered a luxury, and everyone couldn’t afford it since there was no EMI option available. People had to pay the entire amount outright if they wanted to buy a laptop. The innovatively evolving work style in the recent past and the current global crisis have made laptops and other accessories a significant necessity. However, everyone still cannot afford to buy a laptop and hence would have to rely on the EMI options to fulfill their needs. Some highly functional laptops are expensive since they come with various features that assist your work and personal life. 

Today, several professionals require a laptop with high speed and excellent graphics to support their work profile. Online stores have partnered with several banks to enable customers to buy laptop on EMI. Multiple products are now available at several stores, ramping up online sales. Laptops are available at affordable prices with no-cost EMI options to make your online purchase easier and more convenient. You can choose from brands like Lenovo, Acer, Asus, I-Ball, HP, Sony, Apple, and many more. With the pre-approved eligibility of the EMI option with your bank partners, you can easily buy a laptop online at an affordable EMI without affecting your monthly expenses. 

How does the EMI on the Debit card work?

It is an altogether latest payment method or option for those customers who would like to avail of the EMI options without using credit cards. When transacting for an online purchase, you don’t need to have the entire amount as an account balance. Often the pre-approved facility is used to help customers who would like to use the EMI option for payments. However, the interest rate is entirely calculated and controlled by the bank partners. Only specific banks give the EMI on debit card facility for online shopping.

Furthermore, there is a certain minimum amount purchase to be done depending on the parameters set by different banks. Ensure to check the eligibility criteria and other details before checking out and completing the purchase. 

The EDC machine full form, electronic data capture, is essential for any business nowadays. It makes payment easy, and the billing system is conveniently taken care of by various retail online stores.

The process of buying a laptop on EMI.

Purchasing a laptop on EMI is very simple, and the payment method is easy depending on the bank partner.

Here is the process for buying a laptop on EMI using your debit card.

  • When you go to any online stores like Amazon or Flipkart, select the product you may need to choose the EMI option.
  • Ensure to check the description carefully before you checkout to complete the purchase. Look for no-cost EMI details.
  • Proceed to buy the product, after which the payment window will appear on the screen. 
  • Once you see the payment window, select the payment method or choose a particular card to make the payment. 
  • Then select the option to EMI by filling in the card details; add your card if you want to link a new debit card to the online store for future purchases.
  • Once you fill in the details and have selected the tenure for which the EMI will be paid for a particular product, you will know whether you are eligible to buy your laptop on EMI or not. 
  • Wisely select the payment option for EMI after you have compared it across the brands and banks since the interest rate might vary.
  • Ensure to check the details, also check the EMI whether it fits your monthly budget or if you may have to reconsider some other buying option before you check out.    
  • Once all the details are carefully selected, the EMI options considered, and the EMI calculated, proceed further to check out and buy your laptop online.  
  • You have now purchased a new laptop using your debit card EMI option.

Undoubtedly, people generally choose the no-cost EMI options and consider them the best among other buying options. If you have any doubts regarding the debit card EMI concept, don’t hesitate to contact your bank or the online portal for further details.

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