Rebound Relationship

When you’ve been dumped or have recently exited a long and serious relationship, your heartbreak might make you inch towards a spectrum chat to deal with the same. It’s a simple story really. Guy or girl feels left, abandoned and alone. They feel like a fleeting, rebound encounter ( be it just sex or a short term relationship) might help them get over their feelings of hopelessness.

This band-aid of a relationship is expected to heal all wounds caused by your past flame but in reality, it can turn as messy as ever. If you’ve been in a rebound relationship for someone before or have ever initiated your own, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Since such a relationship was never started on bona fide grounds in the first place, relationship problems in the same are only bound to occur. This cry for attention, validation and short term love can snowball into drastic issues both personal and for your relationship.

Is Your Rebound Relationship Failing?

Now that the deed is done and your broken heart has indeed made the decision to enter a rebound relationship, we all know that relationship is not going to last very long. No matter how much you convince yourself that this is the right thing for you, you also know that you still have not healed from the anger and resentment of your past relationship that you still carry inside you.

Thus, your rebound relationship is bound to fail and disappoint you. Here are some relationship problems that can occur when you’ve forced yourself to fall for somebody new all too quickly without pacing yourself and introspecting first.

1. Your dates have grown boring

The whole point of getting into a rebound relationship is to fill a void. Now that you are unable to cope with this newfound singlehood, you make the rash decision to jump into a new relationship hoping that it will make you feel less empty. But what is the point of that when eventually the rush fades off and you realize that the person sitting in front of you, is just not meant for you?

Whether you are watching them bring you coffee at a coffee shop or trying to enjoy a movie date on your couch at home – you will soon realize that your dates have nothing more to offer anymore.

2. You have started missing your ex

Alas, it doesn’t get more obvious than this one. If you have started picturing your ex in the middle of sex with your rebound partner or see them in your dreams or are always on the fence about picking up the phone and calling them – yeah, your rebound relationship is pretty much over.

Perhaps you are internally comparing them with your ex too which makes you miss your old flame even more. At this point, your relationship problems have grown immensely. You’ve found yourself in some kind of a toxic loop where either way that you run – you are faced with a wall you cannot climb over. On one side is your ex that you finally ended things with. On the other side is a person you never actually can or will fall in love with but you have roped them into this madness, and that guilt itself will start destroying you.

3. The sex isn’t good anymore

The sex was probably the only good reason you got into this rebound relationship in the first place. To stop thinking about Stacey, it’s just easier to make sure you get those multiple orgasms and you’ll probably be good. That’s what you thought, right? Well, we are here to tell you, that even though you might last, your sex life after a point, will not.

Once you realize that all you’ve done with this meaningless sex is try to overcome these feelings that won’t stop cropping up anyway, you will lose all motivation. A bad relationship already and now a terrible sex life – who knew it would come to this?

4. You realize you need space

The last step of understanding the relationship problems that come with a rebound, is the final point of emancipation. This is when you finally arrive at the conclusion that perhaps you made a huge mistake by dragging along a rebound and it is now time to correct the same. When you know, you know.

You have come to understand that this sorry excuse of a rebound relationship is actually not going to make you happy. Moreover, you’ve stopped being blind to the fact that in this process, not only are you hurting yourself but also another person who doesn’t deserve any of it. It is time to let go.

We know that breakups are hard. Hell, there wouldn’t be good art or good music if there wasn’t the pain of love or the lack of it, in this world. But rebounds are all fun and games in the beginning until you indulge in them even more and slowly they start eating away at you. Consider therapy or counseling to deal with your heart getting broken instead of complicating your life even further by jumping into a rebound relationship that you barely anticipated or even wanted.

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