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When you clean your laundry room, you have to look out at the dryer vent cleaning. Cleaning the dryer vents is related to cleaning and safety. If your dryer vents are dirty, they become the leading cause of domestic dryer fires. There is a need to clean the dryer vents once a year. Cleaning these vents is a very simple and easy task to tackle when free for a couple of hours. You have to follow all these steps carefully to avoid any inconvenience in future work. 

To clean your vent, you have to follow these steps: 

1:Gather your cleaning supplies:

For the cleaning, you first have to gather the necessary cleaning products. Essential cleaning products that are required are given below:

  • Vacuum with hose attachment.
  • Electrical or duct tape. 
  • Broom and dustpan.
  • Dryer duct cleaning kit 
  • Power drill.

2:Pull the dryer out from the wall, unplug it, and disconnect the duct:

In the next step, you have to pull the dryer out from the wall. Then unplug it from the electricity, but if your vent is on gas, then turn off the gas valve before starting cleaning. Now, you have to disconnect the dryer duct located on the back of this vent. To follow these steps and make your cleaning better, you have to contact the air duct cleaning in Marietta. 

3:Vacuum the inside of the vent:

Now, by using the hose attachment, turn on your vacuum cleaner and do the suction around the vent entrance. You have to do whatever you want, either poke it inside of the dryer exhaust and in the vacuum or move them out. Further, if you do not clean these vents, mold starts growing. So, there is a need for sanitizing, and for that purpose, you have to contact the air duct sanitizing Marietta

4:Attach the flexible rods in your duct cleaning kit to your power drill:

Now, you are going to do the cleaning of the deeper parts of the vent. You can go to your reach with the help of the cleaning kit of that duct that is easily available on Amazon. Unfortunately, standard kits used to clean these ducts will have flexible rods and are only about 12 feet long. So, they are only going 12 feet inside of the chimney. 

In addition to this, you can also attach the two rods. They are made in a way, so they are easily attached. To add insurance in the connection of rods, tap these rods. So, there is no chance left of the departure of the rods. In the kit, a rotator brush is present that was used in the first. On the back end of the rod, you can also attach the Power drill to the end of the rod that is near to you. 

5:Turn on the drill and let the brush do its working: 

When you attach the drill machine with the rod, please turn on the drill to spin it clockwise on the medium power; push and pull it back and forth slowly after turning it on. So, you have to put the brush out eventually. Moreover, debris and the lint’s start pulling out from the vent when you go. Now, you notice that the trash is piling out, and the lint buildup disappears right before your eyes. It is important to get tips from the cleaning company that is air duct cleaning Marietta to do cleaning safely. 

Most important is that the drill is working in a clockwise manner. If you are moving the drill counterclockwise, then there is a chance of disassembling the attachments, and it can be stuck inside of your vent.

6:Sweep up the mess:

When you are done cleaning the interior part of the vent, first clean the mess and then go towards the outer part. Sweep up all the debris from the exterior part. If the spots and lint are left on the outer part of the vent, then you have to use soapy water. If you feel any mold growth on your exterior side, you need to sanitize. To sanitize, you have to contact the air duct sanitizing Marietta. 

Tips on How to Use a Dryer Safely and More:

To keep your vent debris-free is a difficult process, but there is a secret behind that. Whenever you are using it, make sure to remove the lint and the debris from it, especially when dryer sheets are used, because it is very critical. It will not only help you in making your vent clean, but it is also helpful in running the entire vent very smoothly. It will also improve the machine’s drying time and be able to decrease the risk of a house fire. 

Simply keeping it clean also ensures that you are never running an unattended vent. After switching on the vent with the load, never leave the house. Because when you are not at home, and your vent keeps on working, it will reduce the HVAC systems function and lead toward the fire. In addition to this, you have to always allow your vent a room to breathe. If you are putting the storage items and clutter near your vent, it is going towards a hazard, and you have to avoid it. 

How do you know it’s time to clean your vent?

When there is a need for cleaning, you can observe some of the signs. Some of the characters are given below:

  • When you run a vent, you feel a burning smell.
  • When you dry clothes, they will not dry completely. It will take longer than normal to dryer the clothes.
  • Moreover, when you touch the vent, it feels hot.
  • When the dryer cycle ends, your clothes fall hotter than usual.
  • When running the dryer, the humidity level is higher than usual in your home. Instead of escaping from the house, it will be seeping into your home when there is some obstruction in the vent pipe.
  • The lint filter of the vent will fill with more lint than usual. 

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