Purchasing a good pair of running shoes is like making an investment. They are responsible for protecting your feet from injuries and frankly do not come cheap. So, when you find the perfect pair of running shoes for yourself, you want to ensure that they last you for a long time. In order to preserve the longevity of the shoes, you need to maintain them.

Here are seven simple tips to help you take care of your running shoes so that they last longer:

  • Rotate

Just like your body, your shoes need rest too. Wearing the shoes regularly pushes the foam down and compresses it. The foam needs a couple of days to bounce back. So if you have a second pair of shoes, you can alternate between the two because a day or two of rest will help them last longer. 

  • Dry

Your shoes can get wet during a run. You  might step into a puddle or sweat a lot because of running. Wearing wet shoes can lead to foot fungus and other infections. Wet shoes also stink. So it’s important to dry out the shoes. 

  • Protect

Like your shoes protect you from injuries; you need to protect them from damage. Never leave your shoes out in the sun because that can degrade the materials and dry the shoes out. Do not leave the shoes in rain or snow either because excessive temperatures can harm the shoes.

  • Clean

In order to preserve the longevity of the shoes, it’s important to keep them clean. Make sure to dust off any dirt or mud that your shoes might collect on a run. Depending on the material of the shoes, you can either throw them in the washing machine or use a wet rag or even scrub marks with a toothbrush.

  • Eye on miles

Your shoes will wear and tear after a certain number of miles you run in them. While there may not be actual tearing of the shoes, it’s durability in terms of cushioning and comfort might decrease. So keep an eye on the miles and replace the soles to preserve the life of your shoes. 

  • Replace

Like you replace your wardrobe every season, replace your running shoes as well. Every season needs shoes with specific features. For instance, during the rainy season, you should wear running shoes which are waterproof to help keep your feet dry during a run. Or during winters, you should wear shoes which help keep your feet warm.



The METASPEED™ Sky racing shoe is designed to extend your stride length to help you run faster. The Flytefoam Blast Turbo cushioning improves compression and creates a responsive feel underfoot These running shoes for women and men have a lightweight rubber outsole material which offers durability and improves grip.


The Asics Gel Kayano 28 AWL has a water resistant upper which helps in repelling water and keeping the feet dry. The reflective elements on the upper help in increasing visibility in low-light conditions. While the AHARPLUS™ heel plug helps improve the outsole durability; the GEL™ technology in rearfoot and forefoot offers cushioning and provides excellent shock absorption. 


Part of the Asics Platinum collection, the Gel Nimbus 23 Platinum is a smooth trainer shoe that is designed for long distances. The GEL™ technology facilitates the experience of better cushioning with every step.The mesh is engineered for a softer, flexible and wider midfoot panel which make these Asics shoes more comfortable to run in.  


These lightweight running shoes are designed with a Pebax cradle which supports the heel area by loading and unloading energy to spring you forward. These shoes feature the FlyteFoam BLAST along with FlyteFoam as well as the VIZ GEL in key areas in order to ensure the most responsive and smoothest shock absorption possible. 

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