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The campuses of colleges and universities around the nation are experiencing an unimaginable increase in the volume of parcel deliveries. Especially when students are returning to the campus. The influx of parcels could result in campus distribution and storage facilities to overloaded due to outdated manual procedures.

Insufficient hours for collection of parcels can result in lengthy lines and overcrowded areas. It can result in a less than ideal process for parcels and mail. And a poor mail service experience. smart lockers for parcels make it easier to manage the management of parcels. That arrive on campus by offering an automated and secure package delivery service. Our lockers help universities across the nation reduce operational costs, and increase satisfaction among employees and students.


One of the things I love most of our lockers is their capacity to let me free my time with staff to work on other projects. Apart from delivering packages and mail and the convenience for students. Also for faculty and staff to collect their mail and parcels, and the 24-hour access.


Smart lockers for parcels can dramatically reduce costs associated with manual handling of parcels inbound. Parcel locker systems cut down on the time required for labor and additional expenses. caused by increased staffing requirements for handling parcels and collection by students. In addition, our lockers for parcels reduce the risk of damaged, lost, or damaged parcels, eliminating the risk of unanticipated extra costs and liability.


Parcel Locker systems provide an automated and well-organized package delivery. And retrieval procedure that can easily adjust to fluctuating volume of parcels. Packages delivered directly the safe lockers via delivery agents, eliminating any chance of losing or stolen items. The long lines and the lag time between delivery of parcels and student collection is eliminated. Since the lockers are available 24 hours a day for self-service pickup.


Enhance the user experience by offering a practical solution for the delivery and collection of parcels. Our parcel lockers employ an electronic notification system that instantly informs students of the availability of their parcels via either email or text. Connect your lockers to multiple locations on campus to make it quick, simple and easy self-service retrieval of parcels.

Optimal Tools to Monitor Your Activity

All information about the solution is updated and accessible to your employees through our website portal. It provides the ability to monitor occupancy of lockers the dashboard, personalization of the dashboard. Also complete Business Intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities, for example:

  • Current and historic occupancy rates
  • Status of delivery and retrieval
  • also delivery rates for rotation

Additionally, smart lockers for parcels connected directly with your school’s mail tracking system to provide a comprehensive overview of the process.


The rapid evolution of technology and the changing economy transform the college campuses. With students and parents seeking more tuition, colleges and universities must provide a delivery service. It is convenient as well as secure and reliable. The addition of smart lockers for parcels to your delivery system will help your college stay in the forefront.


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