When the bedroom is too narrow, or you simply want to have an optimized sleeping area, nothing better than arranging it with a space-saving bed. The ambition of this type of bed is to save us a few extra square meters and to add welcome storage. To do this, bed manufacturers are doubling their imagination to invent original and multifunctional models. Let’s review the different solutions offered.

Bed models with built-in storage

The adult bed with storage is the most common type of space-saving bed. By offering spacious, viable and particularly discreet storage, it is able to optimize any adult bedroom.

Storage bed

This bed hides one or two storage boxes under the bed base, which can be lifted (vertical opening) for full access. Access which is also simplified by the gas spring mechanism. These chests are spacious and perfect for concealing a maximum of belongings : pillows, duvets, sheets… Thus, there is no need to spend more to install a chest of drawers or wasting cupboard space with bulky belongings and objects.

Drawer bed

The configuration of the storage drawer bed looks a priori like that of a traditional bed. Unlike, it has one or two sliding drawers, often camped on wheels. To access them, simply pull them out, then fold them up if you want to free up space. These drawers are perfect for storing throws, bed linen and things you don’t use frequently.

Bed with external storage

This is a bed that also serves as a storage unit. It is equipped with niches, shelves, and even a library. These can be open or closed compartments, and are most often found on the bed frame, footboard, or even headboard. Thus, in one and the same place, the adult bed with external compartments combines appropriate bedding and storage space to concoct a small, functional and comfortable bedroom.

Multifunctional beds

Modular and multifunction beds are models that offer several functions or that can be modulated so as not to clutter up a room. They are ideally used to optimize small apartments, guest rooms or children’s rooms that lack space.

Wardrobe bed or retractable bed

The retractable bed makes it possible to fit out all types of spaces, even the most restricted. It generously integrates small studios or guest rooms whether to serve as occasional or daily sleeping. The wall bed is compact and smart, it frees up the space it occupied after each use. We can then take the opportunity to install other furniture of our choice. To put it simply, the system of this bed allows it to fold up vertically or laterally, and to fit into the wall, in a piece of furniture or even on a ceiling. And in some cases, this also allows it to be a very discreet, but practical piece of furniture to house many belongings. Check for more now at Homary! Reason why, this type of bed is often called bed cabinet. If you want to take a nap or spend the night in it, you just have to fold it down to access the bed. There are single or double Murphy beds, depending on your needs.


An undeniable space saver, the convertible sofa is perfect for setting up a student studio, a second bedroom or simply providing an extra bed in the living room. This convertible click clack mechanism allows it to fold and unfold according to the needs of the user.

For example, it can be modulated into an additional sleeping space to accommodate guests who stay in the evening. Throughout the day, it can return to its original form, a suitable sofa for enjoying coffee breaks or why not bring guests together around a board game. This is what makes it two functional pieces of furniture for one and the same location… very clever! 

Note that some sofa beds even offer storage space under their chaise longue. These are often chests for storing cushions and sheets.

Truckle bed

Malleable as you wish, the trundle bed is a perfect illustration of the space-saving bed. This is usually a single bed, which actually has a second bed. This second bed is independent of the first. It is positioned under the top bedding, usually in a drawer. This drawer has a box spring and a mattress. When the drawer is stored, it is almost invisible, taking up no unnecessary space. When it is pulled out, it offers a popular extra bed for guests who want to sleep at home.

Bunk bed

The bunk bed aligns several beds vertically. Its concept is to have several people sleep in the same room. It is for this reason that it is sought after for families who want to have siblings sleep in the same bedroom. But we can also use it in a guest room, when we are used to receiving several people to sleep at home. Everyone will have their own bed.


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