Spring cleaning is the time when you grab a broom, making it glide over the surface to bid adieu to the cold chills. In the outcome, you get a brighter and lighter space that invites deep breaths and for thoughts to slow down. However, in between all the calmness, you often forget to take care of your beloved car.

Cars are invaluable assets that need to be cleaned and detailed in exchange for easing your traveling experience. Cleaning your car is necessary in a metropolitan city like Dubai, where sandstorms are frequent. For instance, taking it to a car AC repair service Dubai garage will clean the debris from the air filters and inspect the coolant level. As a result, you will have your car AC functioning properly and keep the heat waves at bay.

In addition, we have listed some tips to get rid of the winter mess inside and outside of your car:

Detail The Interior Surfaces

You can brush any dust and dirt off the interior surfaces using a gentle, fine-bristled brush. Use this tool on ventilation areas, dashboard and crevices in seat cushions to remove all the dirt in the nooks and crannies. Afterwards, vacuum removes the debris from these areas.

You might find empty cups and paper bags hidden under the car seats. Throw them in the trash or recycling bin to free your car from their persistent stench. Finally, organize the items in the vehicle. Put the sunglasses, garage clickers and other mandatory items in their respective storage places. Last but not least, top off this deep cleaning with an air freshener for aromatic therapy.

Clean The Carpets And Mats

Your mats and carpet will need a deep cleaning. Use a stiff brush to loosen and remove the dirt from the carpets and mats for the best results. It will eliminate the remnants trapped within the carpet fibers. Then vacuum the carpet and mats, which will give your car floor a fresh and dirt-free look.

Fix Small Dents And Door Dings

If you are more than capable of patching a wall, you can fix a dent in your car too. You will require many sandpaper grits, a small can of autobody filler, cream paste and plastic applicators. First, sand the dent down to the bare metal using coarse grit sandpaper. Second, feather the edges.

Third, clean the dents with the help of wax and grease remover. Fourth, mix the body filler and apply a very thin coat to the sandpaper scratches. Allow the coat to dry and the filler to set up. Once it is done, the fifth step involves building up the repair with additional layers.

However, make sure that it is no thicker than 1/4-inch thick per application. Feature the final coat, so it levels with the painted areas. Sixth, sand it until smooth. Then, apply a cream filler to fill in any pinholes. Let it cure and do the final sand. Finally, paint the area with touch up paint.

Inspect The Tire Pressure

Because all tires lose air, you should inspect your tires once a month. Use the same tire pressure gauge every time and check the air pressure first thing in the morning, not after you’ve driven on them or they’ve sat in the hot sun.

In addition, pay close attention to the wheels. Remove the hubcaps and thoroughly clean them. Thoroughly clean the tires and wheel wells. It is also an excellent opportunity to check tire pressure and tighten any loose lug nuts.

Don’t Just Polish – Rejuvenate

Waxing the car’s exterior is an excellent idea as long as you keep your auto vehicle out of direct sunlight. For the most outstanding results, use a spray or liquid wax. If you’re using a new product, make sure it works correctly by testing it on a hidden part of the car’s body.

If there are tar or any other stains on your ride’s finish, use a concentrated formula as it has been specially designed to protect the finish and remove stubborn spots. Stay away from abrasives as they can scratch the paint, such as steel wool. Apply wax once your car dries. For long-lasting results and protection, invest in synthetic polymer-based wax.

Under The Hood

Look under the hood. Leaves, debris, sand and dirt can penetrate the engine area. In such cases, just wiping down the edges is adequate. However, you might need to consider having professional car detailing Dubai services to have your engine roaring.

To sum up, drive into hot sunny days ahead with a sleek and shining car! These tips have got your back, so start dusting away the cobwebs!


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