The holiday of March 8 cannot be imagined without gifts for beloved women. And let the well-known proverb say that the main thing is not a gift, but attention – anyone will be more pleasant if the gift turns out to be not just a trinket, but something functional. A selection of just such gifts awaits you in this article.

Smart devices and more

Instant camera
Everyone has a digital camera on their phone today, but digital photos, for all their advantages, have one drawback – you can’t hang them on the wall, put them on the table or attach them with a magnet to the refrigerator. And no one likes to mess with printing photos. Here are the captured moments in the phone’s memory, slowly forgetting instead of pleasing the eye. For a romantic girl who loves to take pictures and keep moments , an instant camera will be a great gift. The print size is small, but you do not have to go to the salon or look for someone with a color printer.

Set Fujifilm Instax mini 9 (camera + case + photographic film Mini 10 pcs.) 6 399 *
Portable keyboard for tablet or smartphone
What share of modern communication is communication in instant messengers? Definitely not small. Many have learned how to famously type messages on the virtual keyboard of their smartphone, but the “real” keyboard is still more convenient. Such as, for example, a keyboard overlay for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Samsung Keyboard Overlay for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Smartphone
And if your girlfriend has a tablet, a case with a bluetooth keyboard will be a great gift for it . It simplifies work not only with instant messengers, but also with text documents, bringing the tablet closer in functionality to a laptop.

Logitech keyboard case for all models 10″ black 6 499 *

smart watch

Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE 40 mm 25 999 *
Smart watch DEXP SW86
2 699 *
Are you looking for a gift for a modern girl who takes care of her health? Smart watches are a great option. They are able to monitor many physical indicators – heart rate, number of steps taken, calories consumed, the amount of oxygen in the blood, etc. In addition, smart watches are synchronized with many applications in the smartphone and make it much easier to work with them. Well, in the end, it’s just a fashionable and stylish accessory.

A smartphone is a serious gift that can say a lot about the strength of your feelings to the one to whom it is intended. And this does not mean at all that it will make a hole in your budget – among the inexpensive new products there are many models of the original appearance with a completely modern filling.

6.1″ Smartphone INOI A62 Lite 64 GB blue 7 450 *
Well, if you want to hint with a gift about your financial viability, there is nothing to regret about the disappearance of iPhones from the shelves – top models from other manufacturers sometimes look even more spectacular.

7.6″ Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 256 GB silver 179 999 *
Flash drive
Do you know little about the hobbies of a girl for whom you want to pick up an inexpensive but useful gift? Choose a flash drive – you can’t go wrong. Today, everyone uses this universal carrier of information and this gift will definitely not be useless. And among the flash drives there are models of a very attractive design that will not leave indifferent any of the fair sex.

USB Flash Memory 16 GB Verbatim Tattoo Edition Koi [49886] 399 *
So that the music will always be with her

TWS headphones
Wireless headphones are another gadget that has become an attribute of a successful modern person. Athletes and music lovers will certainly appreciate such a gift, especially if you choose a model with good acoustic characteristics.

Headphones TWS Sony WF-1000XM4 white 25 999 *
By the way, good sound is not necessarily sky-high price. Among the budget TWS headphones, there are also models with good sound.

Headphones TWS QCY T1 white 1 799 *
Portable speaker
Headphones are not for everyone. If a girl is sociable and sociable, a portable speaker will be a much better gift for her – after all, you can have fun with friends and listen to your favorite music together.

Portable speaker Sven PS-370, black 5 499 *
By the way, among portable speakers there are models that differ not only in high-quality sound, but also in exquisite design. These are unlikely to leave indifferent a girl who understands music, style and fashion.

Vinyl player
Another gift option for a girl who loves music. Vinyl is back in fashion today. A vinyl player may be inferior to media players in terms of frequency response smoothness, signal-to-noise ratio and other technical parameters that audiophiles like to measure. But he gives the music charm, creating a special atmosphere around him. Giving a vinyl player, you seem to say: “I know that you are not like everyone else.”

ION Audio Vinyl Motion 6 650 turntable *
For beauty

Facial massager
On March 8, we should not forget about beauty products. And a facial massager is a great gift from this area. Many girls love massage, so a massager will most often be a good gift. And if it not only creates a relaxing effect, but also helps preserve the beauty of the skin, cleansing and rejuvenating it, then hardly anyone can resist such a gift.

Massager OLZORI D-LIFT 3 999 *
Do you want to give a useful and impressive looking massager to a colleague, son’s teacher or just a good friend? Pay attention to roller hand massagers. At a low price, they can look stylish and bring tangible benefits, improving blood circulation, removing puffiness and relaxing muscles.

Massager Gezatone AMG330 599 *
For comfort

Electronic book
Are you familiar with the proverb “A book is the best gift”? So it is, especially if it is electronic. Unlike a regular book, an e-book takes up less space and looks much more modern. And unlike a smartphone, an e-reader does not spoil your eyesight. Again, there will be something to keep ourselves busy if we are completely left without Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

6″ E-book PocketBook 628 red 14 999 *
By the way, the e-book will be a great gift for grandmothers and mothers. You can set the font of any size in it, and elderly book lovers will be able to return to their favorite masterpieces of literature without straining their eyes.

If you want to add warmth and comfort to the relationship, give a blanket . A soft warm blanket just asks you to wrap yourself in it and sit down with a cup of tea in an armchair by the fireplace. Well, at least on TV.

Plaid Belezza Prague, 200×220 cm multicolored
By the way, among the blankets there are comfortable models with sleeves. You can safely move around in them, carrying something in your hands and not be afraid that the blanket will slip under your feet.

Plaid with sleeves Ethel 6981166, 150×200 cm pink 1 399 *
beautiful teapot
It is not in vain that it is customary to visit with guests for tea. Tea drinking brings together and sets the participants in a benevolent way. Give the girl a beautiful original teapot and every time, relaxing over a cup of tea, she will remember you with warmth.

Teapot Rohe BG-TP-800 transparent 1 299 *

And for a modern girl, you can choose the appropriate teapot: with control from a smartphone, temperature selection and its maintenance.

Electric kettle Redmond RK-M170S-E black 7 999 *
weather station
If you feel awkward in the first minutes of a meeting, you can use a long-proven method – talk about the weather. A donated weather station will add naturalness to such a conversation and allow you to show off your knowledge about the dependence of weather on pressure and the benefits of high humidity for the skin. Especially if you first refresh this knowledge in Google.

Weather station RST 88779 8 799 *
To have a delicious meal

Does your fiance love to cook? Then this unusual device for beautiful breakfasts will surely impress her. In the raclette oven , you can quickly cook several components at the same time – for example, pancakes, scrambled eggs, grilled vegetables and melt the cheese in special frying pans – raclettes. And then wrap the filling in a pancake – and an original delicious breakfast is ready.

Rocket launcher Kitfort KT-1651 black 6 699 *
You can also invite guests, put the included raclette bowl on the table and arrange chopped mushrooms, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, etc. on plates. And each of the guests will be able to cook what he wants. Interesting and unusual.

Milk frother
Black coffee is usually chosen by men, while women prefer cappuccino and latte. As with any rule, there may be exceptions to this, but, as befits exceptions, they are rare. So the milk frother will definitely not stand idle. Still, a cappuccino with real whipped milk and a cappuccino with cream from a can are two completely different drinks.

Frother-jug Kitfort KT-710 4 450 *
If a girl watches her figure, and words like “smoothie”, “fresh” and “lassi” are often found in her speech, then she will certainly be delighted with the juicer received as a gift. The juicer allows not only harvesting apple juice for the winter, but also quickly preparing healthy and tasty drinks from berries and fruits for breakfast.

Electric juicer Oursson JM7002/RD red 12 799 *
For children
When buying gifts for March 8, one should not forget about the young beauties – daughters and younger sisters. The little ones can be presented with a cute set of bamboo fiber dishes with a cute pattern. Lightweight, durable plates and glasses are sure to please both children and parents.

Lunch set Kroshka Ya “Tiger cub” 499 *
The original night light will not only help the girl overcome the fear of the dark, it will create coziness in the nursery and can even become a favorite toy.

Night light Neon-Night Puppy white 1 199 *
And a night light that creates the illusion of a starry sky on the ceiling will suit a teenage girl well. At this age, girls are romantic and impressionable, and the constellations floating above their heads will undoubtedly cause only positive feelings.

Light projector NEON-NIGHT 601-267 black 2 699 *
A good gift for girls of any age, from 0 to 16 years and older. Puzzles develop patience, attentiveness and perseverance. And besides, behind the puzzle you can spend a warm and sincere family evening, with excitement looking for the missing elements with the whole family.

Puzzle PRIME 3D Frozen 6+ 1 099 *
Do not forget to attach nice words, something tasty or flowers to the gift, and everything will go perfectly.—assure-your-results-ms-500-exam—understand-the-fundamentals-of-exam—understand-the-fundamentals-of-exam—understand-the-fundamentals-of-exam—understand-the-fundamentals-of-exam—understand-the-fundamentals-of-exam


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