Video marketing has eventually become an ancient concept, but the new technology and tools have kept it trending and steady. This is the main factor in shaping online marketing and live shopping trends and has massively increased video consumption. Surveys reveal that video streams and online consumption increase by 100% on a year-on-year basis. It is also anticipated that engaging videos will constitute about more than 70% of the entire internet by the end of 2022. In today’s e-commerce world, videos are becoming increasingly important. Decision-making is based on it. Social media influencers stream ads for products. Brands also use video to engage customers and promote their products. So, if you want to explore what shoppable video platforms have in store for you, here is our guide to it.

Amazon Live

You can use the Amazon Live Creator App for free if you are a professional seller based in the US and are registered under the Brand Registry segment of Amazon. This app will help you curate and control live video shopping streams and increase the organic follower count on Amazon. Seller brands can boost their sales and climb up the live scale. Influencers can also join this channel to earn lucrative commissions from product purchases, thereby increasing their existing earnings.


Bambuser is a Swedish SaaS company whose primary focus is modifying engaging live video streams. This platform was merely launched a couple of years ago, but it gained massive fame when giant brands like Samsung used it to uplift their customer engagement. As a result, they also witnessed a dramatic increase in their sales figure. It is a great option to use mainly because it has a bespoke player, live chat and live show organization options, an in-player cart, and a dashboard of analytics. 

Buy With

The main focus of Buy With is to help brands use the right video content to engage their influencers. The influencers will, in turn, engage with the followers. The platform enables the influencers to shop with their followers. This is done through the platform’s features of screen-sharing. The video and text chats help to boost the engagement further. Brands can assess the influencer campaigns daily to understand their success rate.


This is the best platform to promote live shopping as it can connect the products to its users through video streaming. Viewers can shop while watching videos and click on any product they like. This will then give them control over the products they want to explore further. This platform can create an immersive and interactive experience for the users, thus increasing their brand engagement. 


This is a highly engaging video software made for live shopping for e-commerce. Popular brands, namely Best Buy and cosmetic connoisseur Avon use this platform to create the perfect interactable eCommerce stories. HapYak can also create immersive product pages, which can then be embedded into the online videos created by the brands. This enables customers to move smoothly down the sales funnel.


This live shopping idea was created back in 2016 and enables content creators to connect with customers through the media platforms on a real-time basis. This is how brands can attract, engage and convert their target audience with the help of such an immersive experience of live shopping. With Livescale, the product feed can be synced, checkout can be integrated, and inventory and transaction details can also be cumulated.


This platform helps your customers buy products without navigating to another product display page. They also help brands access robust analytics and consumer awareness.

Popshop Live

This is a great platform to work exclusively on iOS. It allows you to access its dynamic live-streaming features and sell directly to customers. You can schedule these activities well in advance. It is now very easy to upload the merchandise and product details on the online store.


This is an exclusive platform to help you find, evaluate and purchase products, all in one go. It is also easy to find relevant and actual product reviews. The videos on the platform are just 90 seconds long, and you can save them there and purchase them later.


This is a highly focused platform that concentrates only on shopping networks. It promotes impulse buying and organic product discovery through lively video streams. This platform amalgamates with Shopify that helps the brands sync their order management, product details and fulfilment history. Brands can hold their streams or collaborate with authoritative influencers.

With advancements in technology, we are now witnessing some worthy trends to follow in the world of video making and content marketing. This helps users have an authentic and lively experience and smoothens the entire buying process. The shoppable videos can be customized just as a brand wants to improvise its user experience.

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