Artificial Intelligence technology will be ushering in a new revolution this year. There will be a major shift towards the usage of Artificial Intelligence and voice technology. AI voice assistants add to the existing digital revolution. Apart from millennials, older and differently-abled individuals are making the most out of the technology.

Exciting innovations are showcased every day and there are many new trends to watch out for in 2022. If you are bored of a research paper writing guide then try and spend some time with AI-related games. 

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We have a look at some of the emerging Voice AI technology:

Custom Voice Assistants 

Digital assistants are known to guide through the numerous avenues of life. Voice assistants are the digital counterparts and add up a personal touch. As per the user’s preference, they are capable of adapting. They have taken the service sector by storm and have a lot of scope in every sector. In the days to come the elevators will also be handled by the voice assistants. There are limitless possibilities for voice assistants in the transportation network, care homes, and educational institutions. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world at a huge pace. It is a wide-ranging tool  that has enabled people to rethink.

Multi-modal AI

The digital world is evolving with each passing day. In the modern world, everyone is becoming increasingly dependent on the offerings of digital ecosystems. Impactful solutions are provided through consolidated information. Several data types like speech, voice, text, etc are used. Smart homes, cities, and infrastructures are being built. AI is hugely significant in every sphere.

Contextual Recognition

 Getting emotional cues in text increases engagement. Everyone likes an enhanced experience that is similar to interacting with a real human. The major drawback is not being able to evaluate a context during the early phase of the development. The limitations have been circumvented by the use of modern machine learning algorithms. According to some studies voice, bots will be able to hold meaningful conversations with humans by 2020.

AI and Cloud Adoption

In the days ahead the rate of cloud adoption will increase exponentially. Voice AI-driven analytics plays a role in premium data analysis. It is expected that the Cloud and AI voice assistant will go hand in hand in the future.

Speech Recognition

Speech impediment is a concern for many due to injury or a pre-existing genetic condition. It can turn out to be a communication challenge for many and AI is helping to resolve this. There are many ingenious ways to deal with speech recognition to communicate with a peer in a better way.

Voice over Touch

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic everyone had limited contact with surfaces which led to a major transition from the touch screen to voice commands. The major shift to voice commands will stay in the days ahead. The digital personal assistants answers questions, provide recommendations and help in being more organized.

Internet of Things

With the inception of the 5G network, there has been a disruption in the existing modalities. It has applications in the smartwatch and smart refrigerators.


Artificial Intelligence is used to maintain data ethics. This is done to make streamline the data governance and turn the process transparent. Companies are investing in technologies to maintain privacy and chatbots appear more appealing to many.

Robotics in hospital

Robots bring accuracy in the hospital to perform surgery better and with utmost accuracy. Many are completely relying on robots to perform surgeries. Robots should be efficient and cost-effective. It is expected that the global economy will benefit from the innovations.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

The modern generation is looking for an immersive experience and AI is supporting both AR and VR to provide a unique experience. AR and VR have wide applications in gaming and will gradually take over other segments.

Across all the sectors apart from the Google speech to text, the Voice AI is expanding. There will be a more unique and customized experience. Many corporate and small entities are making the transition to voice-based AI systems. AI helps in streamlining the workflow and increases productivity.

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Artificial Intelligence has tremendous applications. It is a revolutionary feat and has redefined the way we think about data protection. It can also have application in defensive and offensive cyber operations. AI is the computational tool that can substitute human intelligence in performing some tasks. AI is expanding at a massive rate and AI chatbots can be trained on data sets. AI helps in finding useful insights and storing information.

The global speech and voice recognition industry is a fast-growing one. It is helping the film directors, audiobook creators, and designers to develop characters.

Artificial Intelligence provides personalized recommendations to people. The technical system perceives the environment and acts on specific goals. AI systems can adapt to behavior and analyze the effects. AI is an essential part of the digital transformation and plays a role in our everyday life. AI has improved safety, speed, and efficiency across different sectors. It also helps in fighting disinformation and fake news. AI has helped in fighting cyber security and threats by the continuous input of data.AI can recognize the patterns and help in backtracking any attacks.

Author Bio: Emma Grace is a digital marketing manager with a company in London. She studied at the University of Perth and is also a part of Emma is an avid reader and likes fiction. 


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