Laminates are multi-layered wooden products glued together, sometimes to cover rough surfaces and sometimes to add beauty and texture. Laminates are found in almost every house, either on their ceilings, floor, furniture, or walls. Laminates are useful in every way. It makes things look more polished and sophisticated. Even with their usefulness, they are comparatively less expensive and yet most commonly used.

Laminates are more like pressed woods and not the same as original wood, but it does the primary work of what a plank of wood does. The hard manufacturing processes of a laminate make it hard and damage-resistant.

Several types of laminates are produced –

  • Matte finish laminates
  • Acrylic finish laminates
  • Textured laminate
  • Gloss-finish laminate
  • Metallic finish laminate
  • Exterior laminate

Each type has slight differences in its prices, looks, and quality, each suited for one purpose or other.

The reason why the elegance of laminates cannot be unmatched is that it is not replaceable. Its role as building and decorative material is not the same as any other material. One of the best laminate sheets in India is produced by CenturyPly’s vertical CenturyLaminates.

Laminates are used for both residential, commercial as well as industrial purposes. It is used to make products shinier and more expensive than it is. Laminates are highly resistant to any kind of damage and are also very durable. Laminates, though not fully resistant against water, are not easily bent, warped, or dampened. This is the reason why laminates are bought and used for decorative purposes all over the house.

A few reasons why laminates’ elegance is unmatched –

A wide array of availability –

Laminates are beautiful and very diverse. It comes in all textures, designs, and colours. This variety makes laminates more appealing to the eyes, pushing people to have their corner items of furniture laminated.

Resilience –

Laminates are not just known for their beauty or polishing outlook. People also buy laminates because of their sturdiness and strength. Laminates are manufactured through several processes, thus making them more resilient than other wooden products. It is also anti-bacterial and cannot be damaged easily. This is the reason why people use laminates for kitchen and cabinet stuff.

Natural –

Laminates are naturally beautiful and elegant. Its natural colour and textures come out so profoundly that it looks much better than normal solid wood. This is why laminates are used to cover and coat pieces of furniture so that it gets a nice outlook and seems worth buying.

Some of the most useful laminates are –

HPL (High-Pressure Laminates) –

These laminates are manufactured under high pressure, and as a result, they are heat-resistant and quite stronger than other kinds of laminates. CenturyPly has the best laminates in India, best in quality and price.

Countertop Laminates –

These laminates are best if you are thinking of kitchens and bathroom decorations, these can resist water, are easy to maintain, and also come at a very affordable price.

Antibacterial laminates –

These laminates are anti-bacterial, thus making them safer to use and maintain. These are equally cost-effective and easy to maintain. This type of laminate is mainly used in bacteria-prone places such as health facilities, hospitals, restaurants, and public restrooms. 

Multi-layered laminates

PVC laminates are multi-layered laminates with a thickness of up to 2mm. These are very durable and can be used for a very long time. PVC laminates are equally useful in residential and commercial projects

Monocore laminates –

These laminates are unicolour, with smooth one-type texture and edge. These look good mostly on corporate types of furniture with a smart look, like – wardrobes, cabinets, doors, shelves, storage units, and drawers.

The Bottom Line

When choosing materials for furniture especially in the kitchen, always opt for CenturyLaminates for its superior quality.


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