Valentine’s day without flowers seems incomplete. We cannot imagine Valentine’s Day without flowers. Flowers make everything even more romantic. It’s the perfect time to make your loved ones realise your love and you can show your care. Giving them flowers is one way to do that. Flowers are the most universal and versatile gift. 

It can be the last minute gift option if you run out of time or ideas for your beloved. These days a variety of flowers are available in the market. Even off-season flowers are also available. You can check from your nearby florists or you can go online and order fresh flowers from online florists. Here we have curated a list of flowers that you can make into a bouquet for your loved ones this valentine’s day. 


Roses are those flowers that are highest in demand throughout this season especially red roses. Red roses signify love and passion. These days there are a variety of roses available in the market in different colours. You can get white, pink, and yellow roses as well. They can be mixed and matched in a bouquet also. If you are new to this love relationship then giving these vibrant roses to your beloved will impress her. 


If you want something different for your partner other than roses but as beautiful as them then orchids are the best choice. They are a symbol of love, affection and strength. You can express your feelings towards your partner by giving them a bunch of colourful orchids. You will find different colours in orchids also. You can get these flowers delivered as well if you choose to order online. Online flower delivery in Kolkata is available. 


Tulips are the flowers for most happy-go-lucky people. They have such vibrant colours and look aesthetically pleasing. They come in a variety of colour options like red, white, yellow, pink, and purple. Each colour has its meaning such as red tulip signifies love and white tulip signify apology. You can gift a tulip bouquet to your beloved if you are new in the relationship. 


Lilac is the best flower for newly married couples who are still strangers to each other and taking baby steps in their relationship. A bunch of purple-coloured lilacs can make an excellent bouquet for your partner. You can accompany a card along with the flowers and give this to your spouse. 


Carnations are best for the most subdued and introverted person who likes to stay back. Carnations are pastel coloured flowers that give quite an aesthetic vibes. They come in different pastel shades and each colour signifies some or other emotions. White carnations represent pure love while pink carnations represent admiration. If you are a secret admirer and feel hesitant to express your feelings then I would recommend you to take a baby step towards them and give carnations to your beloved. 


Camellia is a pink coloured flower that represents togetherness and bonding. These flowers are perfect for couples who are celebrating their love journey of many years. These flowers signify faithfulness and longevity. The deep pink and red shade camellia is best to get your hands on for your beloved on this valentine’s day. You can give this to your spouse as a valentine’s day to remind her of the journey that both of you took together and came this far. You can even order valentine’s flowers from online florists. 


I consider lilies as the most elegant flower that represents timeless beauty. They are available in different colours white, red, yellow and purple. You can mix and match these colours together into a bouquet and give this to your partner to remind her that you still find her the most beautiful woman. Give these liles to your lady love and make this valentine’s day a memorable one for both of you. 

I hope you liked and found this article interesting. We have tried to bring the best for you through this blog. Make this valentine’s day worth remembering for your partner by giving them these flowers along with your time. 


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