Top 10 House Flipping Trends in 2022

A residence acquired and sold within the same 12-month period is referred to as a flip. You’ve probably discovered that there’s a lot to learn whether you’ve been flipping houses for a long or are a complete novice. While flipping properties is not for the faint of heart, if you have the patience and fortitude, now is one of the best times to get into the real estate house flipping game.

We’ve had plenty of time to reflect, and now we have the opportunity to plan every area of our life from a more deliberate standpoint. The intent is to be braver and regal than ever before in 2022. Below are a few emerging trends in the house flipping business to expect this year.

1. Geometric Grid

Our interiors must represent our trip through the metaverse as we continue to explore it. Hanna Ali, a spatial designer, told us that this new environment gives people a whole new way to experience virtual architecture, causing a cultural revolution.

We’re shifting to a hybrid lifestyle paradigm, on top of all the innovation in more ingenious technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. The check pattern ruled supreme throughout the epidemic, but now that we’ve dabbled in psychedelics, it’s time to return to the beginning. Any architect will tell you how vital the grid is, and more and more designs are honoring it.

2. Nature is Key

Bringing the outdoors into your home is the latest in a long series of pandemic-related ideas.

People enjoy feeling at home in a jungle, whether through the use of natural timbers, ceramic accents, or home gardens and plants.

Plant parenting is highly trendy, particularly among Millennials and Generation Z.

Another advantage of incorporating nature-inspired things into your design is that having plants and natural elements in your home has improved mood and morale.

3. Glass Blocks

Because of the appeal of transparency, Lucite and acrylic have seen a rebirth. Thus glass blocks are the following “it” material. The tile table had its day, but glass block tables are about to take their place.

4. Location Is Crucial

Many people in 2021 exchanged in their city apartments and smaller homes for more extensive, suburban homes. People have become increasingly concerned with their personal space and independence.

Because so many people work from home now and in the future, having designated locations for work, play, and relaxation has become more important to homebuyers.

5. Automation

In 2022, additional automated elements will be in high demand, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Motion-sensor lights, voice-activated or hands-free faucets, self-closing blinds, and automated temperature management are at the top of the list.

6. A Good Kitchen Sales

The multi-zone kitchen will be the year’s most popular trend. More than just the classic fridge-sink-range triangle is becoming popular among consumers. They want designated places for prep work, cutting, baking, and other tasks. Some people even want “stations” to drink, work, snack, and do other things.

7. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans used to be all the rage, but they’re no longer popular. People are searching for houses with greater privacy, such as locations for family members to work or take virtual classes in quiet, as more Americans work from home.

Creating dedicated home offices, carving off little work nooks in existing rooms, or even adding sliding doors and partitions to seal off open spaces are all options for providing this space.

For individuals needing more workspace, accessory housing units and backyard cottages are also viable options.

8. Modular Furniture

Unique statement pieces are lovely, but today, multifunctional furniture is an even more excellent investment.

We’re all plagued by the curse of curves, but nothing beats an oversized, bulky couch for comfort.

A sectional set, which you can put together and take apart to your heart’s pleasure, is what stands the test of time. We’re getting closer to recreating the conversation pit every day. The daybed is also back in style if you hadn’t noticed.

9. Bright Color Pallettes

Because many people’s access to the outside is limited, bringing light inside your home gives the idea of the outdoors permeating your life.

We can go for regular walks and run errands, but nothing can replace the light that fills the space where you spend most of your time.

Colors like beige, sand and taupe evoke a sense of nature without being overly dazzling or blinding, as white may be.

10. Goblincore Mode

Goblincore encourages thrifting, secondhand shopping, and the collection of miniature, sparkly objects while reclaiming the untamed side of nature and pushing for inclusivity within a realm of woodland fantasy. To maintain a cohesive theme, you should consider the exterior of the home like the walls and roof style. You can look up Lynchburg roofing or consult with professional roofers in your area to make it happen.

It’s all about adopting an eco-friendlier lifestyle, complete with nature-inspired clothes to match.

Some of the key motifs for this trend, which has an earthy palette, are mushrooms, snails, frogs, plants, and moss.


If done correctly and with due diligence on each home purchased, House flipping may be a profitable venture. Real estate is consistently good, and the fact that prices are rising works for you. However, don’t expect every home to be worth flipping. As a result, always do the right thing and never skimp on due diligence.


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