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Over the years, the increasing demand for smartphones has surged to an all-time high. The primary reason is that today’s world is 24/7 active and breathing on these handy gadgets. Mobile apps have taken a toll despite desktops and laptops winning acclaim amongst professionals and teenagers. Besides, the two main factors are the demand for on-the-move work and human convenience. It’s a fact that portable devices are the fuel of our progressive world.

Furthermore, smartphones work in various walks of life. It helps us communicate with people living on the other side of the world. Besides extending our conversations in the air, mobile apps have also opened the doors for the eCommerce and entertainment industries. They are ultimately making humans more tolerant of their hectic routines.

Today, we are nothing without our handheld devices. You feel awkward if you don’t have a smartphone these days. Besides, you miss out on specific calculations only these digital handsets can handle. It feels like a significant part of life is missing from you. And why not so?! Mobile apps are like magical spells inculcations into your smartphones. So much so that even online businesses use these gadgets to their advantage.

Many business owners hire a reputable mobile app development agency to get the job done. It is the primary reason we are living a carefree life. Everything seems to fit in the mobile app bandwagon. The unbelievable facts you’re about to read will enlighten you with “surprising moments” for smartphones. Read them below:

1. Mobile Apps Taking Over Web Browsers

 It’s probably one of the most significant gift boxes you’re about to open. Who knew that web surfing would see its demise so soon. Now mobile apps have become the mainstream websites.

You’re able to perform your tasks directly on smartphone applications. Besides, these are equally genuine as a reliable site you once reached out to on the internet. Eventually, the internet population around the globe is now doing their web work on mobile applications.

People are getting used to their smartphones with time these days. There are sundry mobile apps available that come with versatile features. The best part is that they come with a dedicated search bar. People can search for their favorite products and services by typing in the appropriate keywords. Mobile apps taking over the web browsers seem like a myth, but it’s true.

2. Mobile Apps Are Operable on Multiple Platforms

Nowadays, various coding languages and operating systems create smartphone applications. The native mobile apps cannot function on different OS. It is the primary reason big brands and online companies prefer hybrid applications. Cross-platform applications give you the power to make profits across multiple channels. Also, it’s impressive to see how a single mobile app can return big with little investment.

3. Tablets Have Outdone Computers 

Comparable to sister companies of a big brand, tablets are in the same way related to smartphones. Surprisingly, the functionality on both devices is the same and compatible with many mobile apps too. Also, the portability factor for tablets and smartphones is identical. They are both handy and easy to carry. The best part is that tablets are lighter than bulky laptops resting in your backpacks.

Furthermore, tablets are more useful for startups and big brands. The in-house employees can perform their tasks with ease on these handy gadgets. Smartphone apps work superbly on this giant smartphone version. The popularity of tablets and smartphones has opened new opportunities for smartphone developers. Thus, they create practical applications for various purposes.

4. Online Shopping in Demand Among Millennials & Gen-Z

Now that the power rests now in your palms, through a mobile app. It means that you can also buy groceries, your favorite products, and even call professionals for home services. Also, you’re able to avail many discounts, freebies, giveaways, and other perks through brand mobile app’s services. You can also receive push notifications, news, and updates for shopping serviceability. Furthermore, persons born in the late 80s and 2000 prefer online shopping. Hence, use mobile apps to buy stuff with a single swipe or click over their phone screens. 

5. Android & iOS Development Options

Mobile app developers are enjoying multiple entryways to try their luck with coding. Now they can enter different zones with checkpoints and exits. Yes, we’re talking about the two most significant smartphone OS sensations – iOS and Android. Benefits for Android are many compared to its counterpart.

First off, the non-Apple OS mobile apps cost little cash. They are easy to develop and have a faster turnaround time than iOS applications. The best part is that they are workable on multiple platforms. You can use Android apps on Windows and Mac systems by running them on emulators. The best part of Android is that it offers customization and security layers for your smartphone applications. 

Nevertheless, Apple apps are steps ahead of the game. Mobile apps for iPhones have the best customer service. These also generate more revenue and follow high-quality standards. Plus, iOS smartphone applications provide an excellent user experience amid their state-of-the-art technologies. 


Mobile apps are computer software condensed enough to infuse in smartphones. Nowadays, you can perform several routine tasks like calculating, web surfing, shopping, and socializing on your smartphones. Astonishingly, Android Play Store has well over 2.8 million apps in store for you.

Meanwhile, Apple holds a staggering 2.2 million mobile apps on their App Store owing to their exclusive iOS device – iPhone. Nonetheless, you can make both platforms work for you if you download suitable applications. It’s incredible to know that smartphones are giving you much power in your palms that was impossible yesterday.


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