Niagara falls. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

When you are a student, you want to see as much as possible. You may have free and careless time. Thus, spend it right! You may have a list of just five favorite places, though you have to travel to hundreds of locations to create such a list! With this article, we will inspire you to hit the road to the most spectacular places in the USA. Do not wait too long and take out your backpack!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the popular USA national parks. The location impresses with the tremendous territory. Just take a look at how the Colorado River formed a canyon! It must have taken billions of years for the water and wind to create such beauty! When you stand at the rear of the mountain range, you see the 277 miles long and about a mile deep natural wonder. Come to the lookout points. If you plan to make a surprise for your close person, order the unusual prospect. The view from a helicopter is significantly different!

South Beach, Miami

If you love summer, sun, and water, the South Beach in Miami is the right place for you. Whether you want a calm rest or an active pastime, you will find all of them here. 

Rent a car at the airport after arrival and feel free to hit the road on the most resting city in the USA. Do not worry if you are a young driver. Car rental under 25 is here for you! Just consider the following two things. First, some car rental classes will not be available to you. But is the Luxurious car a must in such heaven? Second, be ready to pay some extra surcharges. That is what all young drivers have to do.  

Feel the Latin American influence and observe the gorgeous places. You can celebrate parties in the famous nightlife and enjoy taking walks along the shore. Make new acquaintances and get to know the city better.

Niagara Falls, New York.

Niagara Falls is a unique place on the border between the USA and Canada. The range of breathtaking waterfalls is available from every country prospects. Begin with the American one to compare them in the future! 

That is a perfect choice to take a rental car and head to Niagara Falls State Park on weekends. You will observe the ancient forests and breathe fresh air while driving to the destination. You have a few options. The first one is to come to a stellar vantage point. The second is to take a boat tour to be closer and get incredible emotions. It is up to you to choose. You can even have both of them! 

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

When you are tired of your everyday routine, come to pure nature. You will get rest and recreate there. The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is the most visited national park and UNESCO heritage. Apart from enjoying your time in the mountainous forest, you can try hiking and fishing. If you like horses, take a ride! Then, if you need extreme senses, you can go water tubing on the flowing river. Do not forget your life jacket! 

The park is fantastic at any time of the year. However, the fall is incredible! The striking foliage creates some magical reality. You will fall in love with this place.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

The highway has been functioning since the 1930s. It is 900 kilometers long and comes along with spectacular views of the coastlines. In the first place, the West Coast has a lot of things to show you! If you are in a hurry, you will spend about ten hours driving the entire route. However, stop for a while! Consider night stops, having rest, and enjoying your private holiday. Extend your vacation for at least a week. Thus, you will catch all the beautiful views and places of California. Do not forget, even if you are a student, you can use under 25 car rental services here as in other states! 

Create your top-five list and travel a lot! Rental car services are to assist you with that. You will recall all the bright memories with a smile. Have a good trip!


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