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If you are looking to buy online UPS, you have landed on the right page as Nexus UPS is the leading UPS Manufacturer in India. Our experts design online UPS at the in-house R&D department. It is particularly suited for industrial and rural power conditions where heavy fluctuations and prolonged load shedding are observed. Its extensive input range avoids getting discharged frequently also makes it well-suited Diesel Generator sets. Online UPS has a heavy-duty charger for recharging the batteries in different models (float, normal, and boost). The user can connect the batteries of altered capacities for further backup time requirements as desired.

NexusUPS uses the latest technology and is very safe. As a result, its online UPS offers more buffers by avoiding leakage currents from the devices/ spreading to reach the delicate load connected to UPS output. Nexus UPS doesn’t require any power conditioning device such as an input cut out isolation transformer/ stabilizer or an additional battery charger.

NexusUPS has been a renowned name in the power molding area since its inspection. The organization’s fundamental point has been to serve clients by giving incredible and solid power molding arrangements. From humble beginnings, when we began producing a couple of essential models of UPS to turning into a worldwide name in the power molding industry, ours has been a nerve-racking journey.

NexusUPS are focused on designing the best Online UPS in various unique models. Along with the constant power supply, we also offer the best quality power free from frequency variations, harmonic distortions, surges, spikes, etc.

Our items are dependable and effectively utilized for single-stage and three-stage power applications. They are empowered with brilliant execution, proficient power back-up and unparalleled quality. We are glad to serve them at monetarily plausible costs for our clients in India and abroad.

Nexus UPS online UPS systems are planned with a lesser number of batteries. This assistance in saving the space and cost brought about in establishment. The best in-house testing systems help in looking at the quality and effectiveness of the frameworks – the online UPS frameworks are worked according to the modern guidelines.

We are the best supplier of UPS systems in India. Our UPS serves various industries and residences with high-quality UPS products. Our units are unique with specific features like –

  • Excellent Performance
  • High Reliability
  • Efficient Power Backup
  • Unmatched Quality
  • High & Low voltage fluctuations

Different Types of UPS Systems NexusUPs Manufacturer

To meet different sorts of circumstances and give constant power supply, UPS systems are designed in various ways.

Stand-by UPS

It is otherwise called offline UPS. It has AC/DC and DC/AC inverter, battery, low pass channel, flood silencer, and a static switch. This UPS is called reserve UPS on the grounds that the inverter is consistently in a backup mode and gets initiated provided that there is a power cut. With the assistance of a static switch, this backup UPS works proficiently and guarantees a persistent progression of power.

Reserve UPS is for the most part ideal for PCs since it is so productive, smaller in size, and somewhat reasonable.

Online UPS

This kind of UPS utilizes a double conversion technology- the current from the principle source doesn’t directly arrive at the lead or gadget. It is first changed over to DC by the rectifier and afterward changed over to AC by inverter and afterward it arrives at the end gear. Online UPS frameworks, consequently, guarantee clean power yield and keep away from any sort of voltage or power issues. Considerably under power misfortune conditions, they give steady current stream and furthermore empower significant level security.

Notwithstanding, they are somewhat more costly than disconnected or line-intelligent UPS frameworks. However, they are exceptionally productive and more accommodating.

Line-interactive UPS

This UPS permits amazing voltage guideline. However the electrical source is the principal line of power, the inverter innovation provides significant capacity to the battery for charging. At the point when there is a blackout, the battery changes this over to AC power and supplies to the final load.

To guarantee security, once in a while, a tap-changing transformer is additionally remembered for the line-intuitive UPS. This sort of UPS is exceptionally dependable, little in size, and is helpful for some applications where uninterruptible power is fundamental.

We are engaged in the power-saving and eco-friendly business. Nexus UPS endeavors to fabricate dependable and the best-raw components. In addition, rigid testing processes required during the development guarantee proficient and safe conveyances.


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