I began with six Bollywood film categories – the traditional dramas, romances, and so on. Because the industry creates so many of these, there is Drama and Crime-drama. Because I can’t think of any decent Hindi “pure” action pictures, I lump Suspense, Action, and Thriller into one Suspense-Thriller category. Bollywood likes to muddy the waters with emotional drama at World4ufree also song and dance. Murder Mysteries are a distinct subgenre.

You’re already familiar with the genres of romance and comedy. Then there are the All-in-One Entertainers, who offer a heady blend of brilliant tales, acting, song and dance, and well-executed masala. Offbeat films are listed in the Experimental/Alternative genre; these are frequently low-budget films that are underappreciated or unnoticed. These films may not perform well at the box office, but they deliver compelling stories.

In most Hindi films at 2Movierulz, the comedy is either slapstick or double entendre, both of which make me cringe. The comedies in my collection are neither of these things; instead, they’re truly funny and amusing without being overtly sexist, nasty, or offensive.

  • Slasher

Slasher films, a subgenre of horror, have been significant box office draws around the world. They are successful in India due to piracy, but domestic horror-slasher films such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, among others, have yet to be made.

  • Films about monsters

Monster movies have been a major hit in Japan, and they’ve been adapted for the big screen in Hollywood, where they’ve gained a technological edge with cutting-edge CGI and visual effects. When films like King Kong, Godzilla, and others are released abroad, they create a lot of hype in India, although they were not made here.

  • Film about a disaster

For more than half a century, disaster films have been created and refined around the world. They have a large global audience, yet in India, they are underutilised. Kedarnath, a film based on the Uttarakhand flash floods, was recently released. The treatment and realistic visual effects were commended. Perhaps more of these films will help to establish the genre in India.

  • Adventure movie

Adventure films have a global audience as well, but in Bollywood, they’ve been limited to road movies like Zindagi Na MilegiDobara, Karwaan, and others, and only on rare occasions. Their reach is vast, and as a result, their attraction is much greater. Films like The Lord of the Rings and Tintin are still far-fetched concepts.

  • Film with animation

Hollywood has excelled in the field of animation. The films combine genuine emotions with innocent themes, making them suitable for both children and adults. They need to be produced on a larger scale in India. Mythology, like as the Ramayana, has animated adaptations that are popular among children in this country, but it clearly requires a stronger push in terms of concepts and development.

  • Film about science fiction

Sci-fi sometimes necessitates large-scale productions, but Moon is a superb example of storytelling done well on a shoestring budget. These have yet to be manufactured in India, and they have mostly remained untested.


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