You want to take a hot shower, but instead you get drenched with cool or cold water. Luckily, hot water heater problems are pretty easy to spot.

Dripping water, puddles of water, discolored water and noises returning from the water heater unit are different signs of a concern. In some cases, you’ll fix the issues yourself, but some water heater issues and repairs need a licensed plumber or handyman due to the quality and potential danger.

What Causes Hot Water Heater Issues

Leaks are generally the cause of water heater problems, as well as lack of hot water. Mineral deposits conjointly cause water heater problems. Deposits can cut back the potency of the hot-water heater, reducing the provision of predicament throughout your home. Sediment may cause strange sounds in your water heater, that are caused by sediment heating up and exploding or scale buildup on the heating elements.

Troubleshooting Hot Water Heater Problems

Check the pilot lightweight if the water heater is running on gas. If the pilot light isn’t lit, the unit won’t turn out hot water. Scrutinize the temperature setting to form positive it’s not been accidentally lowered. If you’re thinking that the matter is mineral deposits, drain the storage tank to get rid of the sediment. If you see water pooling on the floor, decide on a plumber, because the tank is probably going unseaworthy and can get replaced by a professional.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Maintaining your water heater helps it run with efficiency to avoid problems. Check the pressure valve regularly. Flush the tank sporadically to remove sediment. Visually check around the tank sometimes to see for drips and leaks that might indicate a serious issue.

When to Call A Plumber

Proper hot water heater maintenance can add years to the life of your water heater. It is important to maintain the unit correctly by using accurate techniques. A licensed plumber can do things like changing the inner rods or draining sediment for you. It is usually inexpensive for them because this type of maintenance is a fast job for a skilled professional. 

It is best to not wait on maintenance. Bring a Hendersonville plumber in once a year to deal with things like whole house water filters, checking over your fixtures, dealing with the water heater, and making sure any septic pumps or other water-based systems are operating correctly. 


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