Traditionally all the women were dependent on cloth nappies only because either the disposable diapers were too expensive or mothers were too afraid to use them on their babies. As time changed a lot of parents accepted the ongoing trend just for the sake of convenience and started running after the same thought process of buying disposable diapers without knowing the ill effects of it on the baby’s skin. However, nowadays people have become aware of the amount of plastic waste that is added to the landfills and therefore they want to use more eco-friendly products for their babies. That’s how people go back in time but with more advancements.  

If you’re looking for adjustable and pocket-friendly washable diapers then you must download an official app of MYLO on your smartphone/tablet. Opting for reusable cloth diapers with insert pads for your little one is always considered a wise decision because they are economical and have no harmful chemicals or plastic in them. When you have a little one at your home then changing diapers is one of the most cumbersome tasks of your daily routine and every time it is impossible to take your little one to the washroom. To ease out this process you can look for baby wipes online from this reliable online portal.   

A Clean Baby is A Happy Baby  

It’s flabbergasting to know the amount of money you invest in your baby’s disposable diapers annually. If you change this little habit then you are not only providing the best for your little one but you’re also saving a lot of money. If you’re looking for eco-friendly washable diapers then choosing MYLO’s reusable cloth diapers is always considered a wise decision because it is neither a nappy nor a langot. It is a diaper made up of the latest technology and has a microfleece layer in it. You might get confused while looking at such a wide range because these diapers come in various colors, prints, and sizes. 

No matter how many cloth diapers you buy you’ll always feel that there are fewer because your little one is just busy playing, pooping, and sleeping the whole day. Every time you notice that your baby’s diaper is wet or soiled you must immediately change it. You can match your baby’s diapers with their clothes and they’ll look super adorable in those. You can also easily potty train your child with these diapers as your child grows up.   

The Smell of Freshness  

Just bathing the baby and massaging your baby is not sufficient because your little one keeps soiling the diapers the whole day long. A lot of babies have the problem of GER and GRED (acid reflux) and they puke a lot. So, if your baby also has the same problem then you must order a pack of baby wipes online from MYLO. Imagine if you’re traveling or at a party with your baby then how awkward it will get if you aren’t carrying a pack of gentle baby wipes with organic coconut oil and neem. If you always make it a habit to keep these wipes handy then your baby will also feel fresh and look good. These wipes protect your baby from diaper rash and various infections.  

These easy-to-carry aloe vera-based wipes make everything so mess-free be it the diaper changing time or wiping vomit off your baby while traveling. These anti-bacterial wipes have only natural ingredients in them like vitamin-e, neem, organic coconut oil, and organic aloe vera. It doesn’t have any soapy formulae or alcohol substances in it and that makes it safe for the whole family. You can use it as a make-up remover also. These wipes come in a lovely package with a lid that keeps them safe from getting contaminated and you can easily carry them along with you in a handbag or a suitcase even. MYLO’s baby wipes are made up of 98% water and have a mild coconut fragrance which helps in balancing the pH levels of a baby’s sensitive skin.   


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