After years of looking at the same thing, it can get a little boring. This can also be with your home. You are spending a major portion of your day there. You are looking at the same things every day. It can get monotonous after a while.

So you need to keep making changes to keep the place alive. This can be major changes such as a complete renovation or it can be a minor change as well. It can be as small as changing the lighting for your room.


The world today is dominated by ongoing trends. Once something gains popularity it is used everywhere.

Eventually, social media is flooded by that trend. And everyone knows how influential social media can be. Even if you had never wanted that particular item, social media can convince you to buy it.

No matter how attractive these trends may be, sometimes the prices are just too unreasonable and you cannot afford them. But lights are more affordable than some others.

Like currently, the light industry is full of LED lighting options. It can be an office LED panel light or a downlight for your living room. Every kind of light can be found in the LED variety.

Coloured LED lights are also popular right now especially among the younger generation. These lights can be found in the form of lamps or string lights. The string lights can be stuck on the ceiling or the walls of your room.


When the world is getting modernized with new technology, lighting is not far behind. It too has been touched by science and innovation. We can now install lights that have technology as well.

The most common example is the remote control system. Traditional lights needed to have switches. You had to manually turn them on and off. Now, you can turn them on with just a voice command. This can be possible because of smart systems such as Alexa and Echo.

Without getting up from your bed, you can command these smart speakers to turn off the lights in the kitchen. Although, you need to update your whole light system for this. The technology cannot work on old lights.

So you need to completely replace the old lights and bring in new ones that will support this smart technology.

Manage the visual perception of spaces

Lights can be very useful to control the look of the room. You can make a small room bigger by placing lights that will do so.

Wall sconces can make the room seem bigger than it usually is. Since these lights direct the light in the upward and downward direction only, it places focus on the walls themselves. Suppose the light is only directed upwards then the look of the viewer will also be in that way.

Lighting can also make sure that a person looks at the things that you want to highlight. You can put lights randomly when you just want to be able to see. But lights can be used for more than just that.

The temperature of the light can also affect the mood of the room as a whole. You can have a warm temperature or cool temperature. It depends on what room it is and the kind of vibe you want from it. Dim and warmer lights will give off a warm and cosy feeling to the room.

LED battens can be very bright. They uniformly provide light.  You can use them in rooms that need a lot of illumination.

Design element

Lights are not just for brightness. You can use them to show off your personality as well. It can be the star piece of decoration in the room, maybe a contrast colour. In a room full of muted colours, the hanging lamp or the floor lamp is the only one in a bright colour. It will add character to your room and home as well.

Lighting can be a cheat card when you cannot spend much on the home upgrade. It will not cost you much but it will get the job done. It can be responsible for completely changing the look of the room.


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