Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are thick boxes used for expensive goods. These are known for their strong structure that gives support and protection to products inside them. The rigid boxes have fixed construction, so their shape is not alterable. They will keep a fixed structure and cannot be folded for shipping or other purposes. This characteristic makes rigid boxes suitable for the specific category of luxury products. Therefore, rigid boxes are used for most exclusive items.

The rigid boxes for numerous items are bespoke according to their requirements. So most of the products have customized rigid boxes. Customization is beneficial as it allows specification of size, style, and design. The design of every packaging will vary according to the products.

Different Uses of Rigid Boxes:

For instance, the packaging color and combination can be specified in accordance with the items. Therefore, rigid boxes are versatile and can be used for many items. Here are some uses of rigid boxes:

Uses of customized Rigid Boxes

Gift boxes:

The rigid boxes are ideal for gifting purposes, as they look valuable. The rigid boxes have a fixed structure, and they will hold their form. Thus, rigid boxes are often used to give expensive souvenirs and trophies. These gift and souvenir boxes are made through customization. For example, if an organization is distributing its gift, the packaging will contain its logo, name, and signature color. There are many ways to style rigid boxes, like using bright colors, embellishments, ribbons, lamination, etc. These different rigid boxes are perfect for birthdays, official events, special occasions, and more.

Candle Boxes:

Candles are small and delicate, so they require strong support. The candle wax can get damaged if the packaging is pressed. Therefore, for luxury candles, many sellers use rigid boxes. These rigid boxes should be made according to the size, type, and the number of candles. If the candles are sold in a group, the packaging will be larger. The size and type impact the packaging as some candles are long while others are short.  

Wine Boxes:

The wine bottles have to be packed in sturdy boxes so that they hold the bottles protectively. Also, the packaging must be stylish to maintain the integrity of the expensive products. There are many different ways to make a customized rigid boxes for wines. For example, the wine can be packaged in lid boxes, sleeve boxes, folding boxes, window boxes, and more. The rigid boxes in different styles with attractive customization will give a huge leap to the brand.

Perfume Boxes:

Perfumes have fragile bottles that require protection. The rigid boxes are the perfect choice for perfumes as these protective boxes will ensure their safety. Also, the rigid boxes for perfumes must have an insert to keep the product in its place. The perfume packaging is adorned with colors and styles to make them attractive.

Presentation Boxes:

The presentation boxes are used for official purposes. The different organization uses these for official documents and for presenting souvenirs. Thus, the presentation packaging is often made from rigid boxes. These boxes will present the corporation due to its prominent logo and brand name. Most of the rigid boxes have decent styling to make them suitable for official use.

Mobile boxes:

Many electronics are packaged inside rigid boxes, especially mobile phones. The electronic packaging is made through rigid boxes to protect and support the products. The mobile phone packaging is usually telescope boxes, as these are safer.

Jewelry Boxes:

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes for Jewelry

Jewelry is an expensive product that must be packaged in sturdy boxes to protect from harm. Their packaging is specialized and holds items in their place. These customized rigid boxes are according to different jewelry items. For example, the different items need boxes of different styles and sizes. The rings will need neck and should packaging, while bracelets will fit inside lid boxes.

Display boxes:

The display boxes are used to launch a new product or sell small items. For example, if the brand is launching any new item, they will showcase them in display boxes. These boxes are styled according to the product and have bespoke designs to represent the label. The rigid boxes are used to make displays as these will hold their form and survive for a longer duration in store. Therefore, rigid display boxes will represent the products in the stores for a longer time.


In conclusion, there are versatile uses for rigid boxes in the market. These are modified in various ways to make them suitable for a range of goods. For example, these are used for gifts, wine, jewelry, and more.


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