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The marketing of hydrocarbons is the foundation of the oil and gas sector. The use of this basic resource has influenced the way societies live from their inception. Oil’s meaning has evolved, from a source of light and heat for cities in the past to what it is now, an economic indicator for countries’ economies all over the world. Many people also refer it to as black gold.

The price of petroleum in the market at the time is the essential basis for exploration, drilling, and production. The difficulty of locating hydrocarbons and the activities required to extract them has varied over time, growing more difficult each time. As a result, technological advancements, specialized staff, methods, and structures have evolved to meet new problems. As a result, prices have risen dramatically.

Here are some effective marketing tactics that the oil and gas industry uses.

Social Media:

Can anyone even discuss marketing in 2022 without mentioning social media? Most probably no! As the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the world, many businesses moved online and for this, social media is the best approach. It is an ideal way to reach your potential clients and make a presence where your customers can reach easily.

Make the best possible use of social media as a bitumen supplier use to promote your refined products.

Customers Want To Know What Your Company Is Doing:

  • Customers want to see the faces of everyone working in the day-to-day operations.
  • This gives the organization a sense of realism. It demonstrates to the audience that actual individuals are making a difference in your business.
  • Businesses can use social media to communicate their mission and engage with current and potential customers.

Videos And Blogging:

Customers now have access to information on any subject they can think of or are interested in learning more about.

So, how do they deal with the questions that arise?

They look them up on the internet!

Given the most recent algorithms used by most search engines nowadays, blogging gives a fantastic chance for business owners to write about their knowledge on topics that potential clients are looking for.

Let’s take a real-life example:

Let’s say you have recently been advised by your doctor that you have high blood pressure and aren’t quite ready to start taking medication.

So you type in “natural ways to lower high blood pressure” into your search engine.

As Google wants their customers to get exactly what they are looking for, if a local group has produced a blog about natural ways to lower high blood pressure, Google will show this item on the first page of search engine results.

If you read this post and get good advice on how to lower your blood pressure, you’ll be much more likely to go straight to that company’s website the next time you have a health concern, because they’ve given you something to value and a reason to trust their knowledge.

The same principle applies to oil and gas marketing.

Marketing Using Email:

While email isn’t exactly new in the marketing world, it is still as effective as it has ever been. In the world of inbound marketing, getting emails from present and future consumers is the name of the game.

Your social media followers and blog readers will want to provide you with their email addresses so that they can stay up to date on your latest news, updates, specials, and offerings if you continue to provide them with value.

Get A Step Up On Social Media:

Email marketing also has an advantage over social media marketing since, unlike reading past your post on social media or finding your blog on a random search, when a follower or consumer submits their email address, it is usually for a more defined purpose.

Knowing that your clients are interested in a certain topic or item allows you to please and warm them up till they are ready to buy. For instance, they are interested in D6 virgin oil, so appeal to them with your product.

It also allows you to stay relevant week after week by educating them on new product updates or seasonal promotions and services.

Even if they were not ready to buy when they subscribed, guess who is at the top of their mind when they are, given their constant presence in their inbox and thus in front of their faces? You!

Inbound Marketing Software That Works:

In the oil and gas marketing industry, social media, blogs or videos, and email marketing are all excellent stand-alone pillars.

However, having a software solution that connects them all and gives essential analytics on your most pressing and relevant initiatives is what differentiates effective inbound marketers from those who develop and post irrelevant material regularly. For instance, you run a crude oil business, seek inspiration from Russian crude oil suppliers.

A Successful Solution: HubSpot

Oil and gas firms may use inbound marketing software like Hubspot to not only attract new customers with their expertise but also to meticulously strategize who their material reaches. HubSpot also provides a content management system (CMS) via which these businesses may create and host functional websites.

You may be an expert and authority in your field or service, but Google is completely unaware of this. HubSpot allows you to share your knowledge and authority with the rest of the world via the internet.


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