Chinh Chu

The celebrity is basically the fame and public recognition for a person. All the attention and fame given to the celebrities by social media. A celebrity can be gained if a person has great wealth, by participating in sports. The person who is in the entertainment industry is also called a celebrity. The politician is also a celebrity these days.

Celebrity gains all his fame through his fans or through social media. The billionaire also gains the status of celebrity. Most of the billionaires are famous in the world.

List of Celebrities having more than $5000 Plus Net Worth

There are a lot of celebrities that have 5000 plus dollars net worth. The list is very long and lengthy. We will discussed some of them here

  • George Lucas

George is a famous businessman, writer and producer of the world. The net worth of George is almost near to 10 billion dollars which is the most by any celebrity. He basically got fame by generating Indiana Jones Franchises and Star Wars.

  • Steven West

Steven West is an American famous director and producer. The net worth of this celebrity is 8 billion dollars. The annual income of Steven West is almost 150 million dollars plus. The net worth of Steven Smith makes him the second richest celebrity of the world.

  • Kanye West

He is also an American celebrity. He is famous for his raps. He is a fashion designer and an entrepreneur too. The net worth of this celebrity is 6.6 billion dollars in his own writings. He is basically a black and third richest celebrity.

  • Chinh Chu

Chinh Chu is an American celebrity. He is also the Senior Managing Director and also the Co-Chairman of a group named The Black Stone. He joined this group of The Black Stone back in 1990.

Chich Chu has the net worth of almost nearly 1.1 billion dollars estimated by the team. He has done some famous deals in his career. He purchases the water treatment and proves Chemicals Company in 4 billion dollars. Moreover, he purchased the Celanese, which is the German Company, for 3.8 billion dollars. All the network of Chinh Chu came only form hi job.

  • Sal Khan

The other famous celebrity of this century is Sal Khan. The real name of Sal Khan is Salman Amin Khan. He is from Bangladesh. But now he is an American. He is the founder of Khan Academy. His basic income comes from this academy. This is a free online education platform for the students and people. He posts all his videos on his YouTube Channel named Khan Academy.

The estimated Sal Khan net worth is almost 260 million dollars. The main and only source of income is the Khan Academy. He has almost 7.02 million subscribers on YouTube. The videos of the Khan Academy are viewed more than 1.92 billion times which is the most by any.

  • Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson was a mathematics expert of her times. He was famous for marrying the famous businessman named Chris Gardner. She was born in Virginia which is a city in the Southeastern United States of America.

Sherry Dyson got divorced from her husband Chris Gardner due to some personal issues. The net worth of Sherry Dyson is not known till now.

  • Special Ed Rapper

The Special Ed Rapper is an American national. He is famous for his rap songs. He sings a lot of famous songs from around the world. He creates hip hop music. His debut album name was Youngest in Charge that was released back in 1989. This album gets a great hype in the world and after that he releases many famous albums of his times.

The estimated net worth of Special Ed Rapper is 1 million dollars. By his famous songs he makes a lot of money in his young age. He is also known as the Hip Hop king.


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