Have you heard about the ASIC circuit? ASIC is an abbreviation for “application-specific integrated circuit”, it is a microchip that is designed for specific purposes. An application-specific integrated circuit is different from the general-purpose integrated circuit that is used in the micro pressors and memory chips. Because it is more efficient in power saving with better performance than a general-purpose integrated circuit. 

How ASIC Semiconductor Is Manufactured?

Application-specific integrated circuits manufacture using MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) technology. ASIC use in a variety of applications including environmental monitoring, personal digital assistants, and auto emission control.

 An application-specific integrated circuit is either pre-manufactured or custom-made, depending on the specific customer application. ASIC is more functional, consumes less energy, and dissipates less heat than a standard integrated circuit. A custom ASIC circuit is manufactured using components from the building blocks.

Benefits of an ASIC Semiconductor over Standard Integrated Circuit:

An ASIC semiconductor is composed of entire micro pressors and memory blocks including RAM, flash memory, ROM, EEPROM, and other building blocks. It is also known as SOC (system-on-chip). ASIC designers use various hardware description languages such as VHDL or Verilog to explain the functionality of an application-specific integrated circuits.

  1. Size

An ASIC semiconductor is relatively small as compared to a general-purpose integrated circuits.  The variability in the size of an ASIC semiconductor allows it to be as small or large as needed. For this reason, electronics with an ASIC semiconductor have decreased in size over these years.

  • Power

Because of the smaller size, an ASIC semiconductor consumes less electrical power as compared to a standard integrated circuit. It helps in saving your electrical energy resulting in fewer electricity bills.

  • Performance

Moreover, an ASIC is design for a specific purpose and contains circuitry that is need for a specific application. That’s why an ASIC microchip is more efficient and functional than a standard integrated circuits due to its small size and less power consumption.

  • IP Protection

Moreover, an ASIC semiconductor also provides IP protection which a standard integrated circuit doesn’t provide. The ASIC semiconductor is designed based on your specific application needs. In this way, an ASIC semiconductor helps you stand out from the competition.

  • Gives You A Competitive Edge

Initially, you invest in the manufacturing of an ASIC semiconductor, but this investment pays off later in the form of high performance, functionality, and energy efficiency. An ASIC semiconductor needs fewer electronic components and is cost-effective as compared to a general-purpose integrated circuit.

The reason why ASIC is more efficient and functional than a standard integrated circuit is that it carries all the circuits in a single chip rather than multiple chips. This makes it more energy-efficient and functional than a less focused integrated circuit. Fewer components use in the manufacturing of an ASIC semiconductor which makes it more reliable.

  • Smart and Reliable

Last but not least, an ASIC semiconductor is a smart choice for multiple reasons such as it is smaller in size, cost-effective, less energy consumption, and made with fewer components.  It helps you to save money in the long run as you don’t have to spend much on the manufacturing cost and later on the electricity.


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