Hookah and shishah are both types of pipes that use tobacco to smoke. Hookah uses a water pipe where the smoker sucks on the hose, while shishah is a simple briar or meerschaum pipe that does not have a mouthpiece. Hookah’s smoked through a water pipe with three or four holes where the smoke is not filtered, while shishah uses an actual briar bowl to heat and filter tobacco.

The Origins Of Hookahs:

The first hookahs were made around 1000 B.C., in Persia (now Iran). By about 200 A.D., hookah became popular in Egypt and Israel as well as other Middle Eastern countries. The earliest record of a hookah dates back to about 1000 B.C. It was discovered in Persia, where it is still used today as an instrument for smoking tobacco. However, some people say this “hook” design represents a stick against which slaves were lashed during ancient Egypt’s time under the pharaohs. Interesting note: A team of archeologists recently opened an underground tomb in Al-Jazeera, Iraq. It was discovered that at one point during the Middle Ages, while they were living there, they had modified their hookahs by turning them into a candy cane type of shape!

Does Shisha Or Hooka Get You High? 

There is no scientific evidence that either Shisha or Hookah tobacco causes any form of high. Rather, the smoke from these pipes consists mainly of nicotine and other chemicals inhaled and then transported to the brain. However, since each person is affected differently by these compounds, some people may experience different smoking either types of pipe.

Hookah Are So Versatile In Young Generation:

Hookahs are so versatile in the young generation because people can easily create their flavor profiles. With the advent of e-cigarettes, many kids have started smoking cigarettes instead of cigars or shisha. This is great for public health because it eliminates exposure to harmful secondhand smoke. Still, it’s also bad news for hookah smokers who may be left without a preferred nicotine delivery mechanism.

What’s The Reason Behind This?

Hookah seems to have become a trendy leisure activity for most young adults in countries like Egypt and Jordan, which has grown into an addiction. Shisha is gaining popularity among Saudi youths since it provides a nicotine-free smoking alternative. The UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) studies have revealed a massive increase in its use among Saudi youth, especially pregnant women and teenagers. This has been increased due to massive usage in various Hookah Lounge.

Shisha And Hookah Do Have Various Flavors:

Several different flavors can be found in both Shisha and Hookah tobacco, including grape, apple, lemon, mint, and honeydew. The other types of tobacco that can be found in Shisha and Hookah are menthol, vanilla, chai tea, cinnamon, and cheap shisha flavor. Most flavored cigarettes contain both lethal nicotine levels – around 34 mg/ cigarette in Marlboro Red – as well as other toxins. Smokers who use these products believe their smoking doesn’t produce adverse health effects, but this is not true.

Some Tips For Smoking Hookah:

– Make sure that the hookah is properly cleaned before and after use.

– Choose good quality tobacco, waterpipe, and coals. Some people add flavorings to the mixture, and others try all kinds of strange additives.

– Follow proper hand washing and cleanliness rules when smoking a hookah pipe. The coals may overflow while you’re getting your lowdown. So tip it over to collect ash into one place (not on top), then bear huge amounts of water. That’s because cigarette ingredients can spoil things! It is recommended that distilled water or alcohol be used. Not only does this kill Tetraethyl lead, but it also kills other pathogens in your tobacco and the water you use to clean out the bowl.

– Use good quality, handpicked coals (which means more flavor). The size of the coal affects how well a Hookah works too

– The best way to enjoy smoking a Hookah is with the right size of hose or draw – so choose carefully! The majority of people use regular “Hookahs/Water Pipes”. Not large ones like Egyptian ones unless you’re at an event full of non-pipes smokers and you do feel in weird territory playing with your local crowd even though it’s just tobacco.


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