You observed a wedding accessory you adored on the web, and you need to see business as usual! However, stand by, what’s this sort of jewelry called? Is it a guttapusalu or a Raani Haar or Satlada? 

The Indian lady of the hour’s Wedding adornments is, we should let it be known, befuddling. Assuming you’re knowledgeable with the essential solah shringar, congrats – you’re one of a handful of the ladies who really know their adornments fundamentals! One of the solah shringar is the Haar, the accessory. 

In addition to Your Basic Necklace 

There are likely in excess of twelve distinct sorts of necklaces, yet in case you’re getting hitched for this present year, there are a couple you ought to know about. These are 9 of the most blazing accessory styles ladies are wearing nowadays – from the guttapusalu that Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor wore to their weddings, the Aadh and Satlada that are returning into design and the Rani Haar and Gulbandh that proceed with their standard over ladies’ adornments boxes. 

Relax in case you’re observing these terms befuddling. When you’re through with this article, you’ll know names of every one of the 9 marriage neckband types and you would’ve additionally seen the well known and most excellent plan choices for every one of them! 

1. Choker 

The choker has acquired notoriety in the Western world over the most recent 2 years. It’s as of now arrived at the Indian lady’s linen with numerous ladies deciding to go for choker jewelry on their big day! 

2. Rani Haar 

They’re long necklaces – either single or multi-stringed. The length is the thing that gives them an illustrious vibe.Rani Haar has been a popular trend among females for quite some time, and it is typically layered with another neckband (looks fantastic when paired with chokers!)

3. Satlada 

Actually, a Satlada could be known as a sort of  Haar. However, it has a beautiful novel look! It’s another style that has become truly well known since Sabyasachi began dressing his models in it years back. 

Satlada has seven layers of pearls or jewels, woven or appended. The more modest variants are called Panchlada (5-layered neckband) or teenlada (3-layers). 

4. Navratan 

It was made famous by Mira Rajput Kapoor when she wore it on her wedding to Shahid Kapoor. This was trailed by Masaba Gupta wearing it to her Sangeet, and from that point forward, we’ve seen Navratan adornments all over! 

It is a vivid accessory that has nine unique valuable and semi-valuable jewels (pearl, emerald, ruby, red coral, yellow sapphire, precious stone, blue sapphire, feline’s eye and hessonite). 

5. Gulbandh 

It’s the most fundamental style of necklaces – sits just underneath the collarbone and is the most all around complimenting length. It’s likewise called the Princess jewelry. 

6. Chin-wiper Necklace 

A chin-wiper accessory is essentially formed like a child’s chin-wiper. It’s regularly huge in size. Ladies who need to say something with their adornments pick this accessory style. Chin-wiper necklaces with sickle hangings are one of the popular plans! 

7. Aadh Necklace 

It begins with a choker (regularly a square of gold with lacquer/Meenakari work at the back) and finishes with a series of triangles. The Aadh is a conventional style, seen on Rajasthani ladies, that covers practically the entire neck area region. However, it’s not just Rajasthani ladies who are wearing this Necklace Jewelry now! 

Styling Tips: 

– The Aadh Necklace looks best with a square neck area – you need to keep the neck area low if not the look will be excessively jumbled. 

– It’s a conventional piece, so it’s a good idea to keep different extras genuinely customary as well. 

8. Collar Necklaces 

The Collar Bridal Necklaces are basically the same as chokers, however they lie nearer to or on the collarbone (like a real collar!) 

Styling Tips: 

– Sweetheart and round neck areas look incredible with it! 

– It’s great to keep the neck area low-enough to leave space between the accessory and the shirt – helps the adornments stick out 

9. Guttapusalu 

With both Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor layering their big day gems with guttapusalu necklaces, this South Indian plan is ensured to get famous once more. It’s a raani-haar style long accessory made of gold that commonly finishes with lots of little pearls at the edges, with a splattering of precious stones, rubies and emeralds set inside it. 

Styling Tips: 

– Looks best with U-neck, V-neck, high neck and close round pullover neck areas 

– Can be matched with a choker or collar neckband, yet a stout guttapusalu looks similarly great all alone too


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