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The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world, and there are some very cool tricks that you can use to make your life easier. 

The iPhone has many advanced features, and it’s much easier to use than Android phones. However, even if you’ve been using your iPhone for a long time, you may not have known that the phone has more advanced functions. In this article, you’ll learn the most popular tips and tricks and how to eject water from your iPhone when fallen accidently in a pool or in washroom.

First Method

The first tip is to avoid using your iPhone in the water. You can try removing water from the iPhone by using a silicone tube or a plastic bag. 

If you’ve dropped your iPhone in the water, you need to try holding it at an angle and press the button that comes out. 

Then, if the water is inside the speakers, you can use a rubber band or other kind of material to remove it.

 Second Method

If you’ve accidentally dropped your phone, you can eject the water from iPhone using a website called FixMySpeaker.com. 

After the water has ejected, tap the button that looks like a blowing sound to stop the sound.

This will cause the water to eject from the speaker system, and you can stop the sound afterwards if you’d like.

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Third Method

Another useful tip is to use Siri to play a sound to eject water. 

This works by holding down the power button while saying the phrase “Hey Siri, water eject shortcut” to activate Siri. You’ll hear a noise that shakes the water out of the speakers. If you need to clear the screen, you can try this shortcut. This is similar to the shortcut that lets you “eject water.”

Fourth Method

The most useful iPhone tip is to take care of your device when it is wet. 

It is important to remove the case before cleaning it. If the phone is too wet, you can simply use the speaker to remove the water. 

While it’s not recommended to take the case off, it will help you get rid of the water from the phone. 

It’s better to dry the phone with a cloth than to use a paper towel rather than cleaning the phone from normal cloth and start watching anime for free without drying the iPhone properly.

Putting your iPhone in water is a huge problem for iPhone owners. 

Fortunately, the device is IP- rated and will survive a water spill. It is not, however, waterproof, so you need to be extra careful when handling it. 

In case of water damage, you should remove the case from the iPhone. You should also remember that the iPhone’s speaker is a delicate part. 

Hence, it should be protected.

The first thing you must do is turn off the water. Obviously, you can’t let the water inside your iPhone. 

If you accidentally drop it in the toilet or in a pool, it can damage the device’s battery. So, you should take care of it right away. 

Secondly, you must enable untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone. To do this, toggle the toggle on the option labelled “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.”


We hope that now you know what you have to do when your iPhone falls accidently in water. Share these useful tips with your friends and family who are iPhone owners or planning to buy iPhone very soon to become a competitive pubg player or just for casual gaming because it have a M1 chip which try to give you amazing gaming experience.


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