Those who want to play a character with zephyr strike should keep in mind some of the key components of the ability. This includes the cast time, duration, and whether it provokes opportunity attacks.

Cast time

Zephyr Strike 5e is a spell which can be cast to boost your character’s movement. It has several interesting uses and can help open up the game for multi-attack characters. You can use it to jump into a fight, ride on horse back, or to escape a dangerous situation.

When you cast the spell, you gain 30 foot walking speed. This can be increased to 60 feet per round. If you make a weapon attack, you also receive an extra 30 foot movement. The first attack that you make before the spell ends grants you an advantage. On your next weapon attack, you may re-use this advantage.

The spell is a concentration spell and is cast for one minute. During this time, you have a chance to make a WIS save to see if a fiendish spirit is present. If you do, you have an advantage on Wisdom checks.


The Zephyr Strike is a magical spell that increases the movement of a ranger, as well as adding some extra force damage. It’s a great weapon for melee rangers. But, the spell is best used at the start of a fight. You can use it to escape a dangerous situation or to increase your speed for a turn. Having said that, you will need to be careful with this one. For starters, it doesn’t last very long. If you’re not into concentration, then you should consider swapping out this spell for something more suited to your game.

A good time to try it out is at the beginning of a fight, so that you can get to your desired location in the least amount of time. This isn’t the only time you can take advantage of it, though.


The duration of Zephyr Strike is a fairly long one, although it’s not as long as you might expect from a spell. It can be used without penalties or risks, making it ideal for an adventurer on the move. This spell isn’t quite as powerful as the booming blade, but it makes up for it with some other nifty features.

As well as being one of the most efficient ranger spells, it is also a fun one to use. With Zephyr, you’re able to increase your speed and mobility while still having the ability to attack enemies from long range. For the first round of the spell, your walking speed will be doubled. After the first round, you’ll have an extra 30 feet of movement. You’ll also get an advantage on your attack roll for the duration of the spell.

Doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks

Zephyr strike 5e is a spell that gives your character a boost of speed. It’s not a direct attack, but it can be used to move away from danger without provoking an opportunity attack.

The spell can be used as a wind power attack or as a weapon attack. The main effect is that you get a speed boost for up to a minute after the spell is cast. While this isn’t as good as the spell ommunicates, it’s still a useful bonus for ranged characters.

Zephyr strike is a good choice for ranged characters with multiple weapons. If you’re up close with monsters, it can be a handy tool for getting out of trouble.

There are a lot of cool features in the game that you can use to foil an opportunity attack. Some players even have their own countermeasures that can make an opportunity attack less of an issue.

Characters with zephyr strike

Characters with Zephyr Strike 5e can benefit from mobility and sneak attack damage. They can move like a wind to avoid opportunity attacks and gain advantage on weapon attacks. The effect also grants them extra force damage on a single attack.

It is easy to use zephyr strike for mobility. With the spell, the character’s movement speed is doubled for the duration of the spell. For example, a human can move at 60 feet per round. Similarly, a horse can run at 10 feet per second.

Another great advantage of zephyr strike is that it gives a bonus action. This is a valuable option for rangers, as they can take advantage of the ability to re-roll their chance attacks. As a result, they don’t have to spend a bonus action on an attack, allowing them to move to a different target or to stop an opportunity attack.


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