What's the best thing to use to purify and clean makeup brushe

Surely, you’re wondering what to use for cleaning brushes in the 21st century. Using soap and water is seriously old-school; surely it takes forever to get your makeup off?

Well yes and no! First of all, raw animal fats can be used but those aren’t really widely available (unless you’re vegan). Scented soaps are an option as well based on a cleanser that’s chemically similar to soap yet is easily found at any supermarket. 

Another cleaning option is a mild cleanser, such as baby shampoo with moisturizing properties. I’ve used Dr. Dennis Gross’s skincare products which are great for cleaning your makeup brushes.

Do you clean makeup brushes after every day to day use?

Yes and no. I do usually clean my makeup brushes after every single use, although some of mine are a little dirtier than others so this needs to be determined by trial and error. If makeup brushes are not being used for extended periods of time, it should be okay to clean them every other day.

A classier alternative­ is dry cleaning. This method removes more dirt from contoured bristles than liquid and weekly would provide an acceptable result for most people with sensitive skin. The benefit of doing this at home (as opposed to some fancy places that charge $85 !) is that it works out significantly cheaper. If you’re afraid of mailing your brushes, I would suggest trying Google searches for “dry cleaning brush” as opposed to looking at fancy dry-cleaners in big cities.

If none of these options seem suitable for a particular makeup brush or if the bristles are too fine and short to make effective use of any kind of cleansing process you’ve tried, consider buying an Allfree cleanse ($ 12.95) in the future!

Can makeup brushes cause acne?

This has been long considered a myth but it’s no longer completely true. There are some makeup brushes (even natural ones!) that have nylon filaments and these can be enough to irritate your skin! Nylon is used for making synthetic fibers in the fields of textiles and plastics, two things that are associated with acne. My suggestion would be to steer clear from any type of brush whose bristles blend together like this when choosing textures/shapes and look into synthetic silks instead!

Any alternative brushes to use?

I have used wooden makeup sponges before (they are WAY bigger, which is awesome) and they work great in the tapping motion you see below. The little handle of the sponge hides away all unwanted dirt or residue making this method effortless at cleansing your face. Those old-fashioned skincare bottles with rubber tips are very good to remove stubborn makeup when cleaning lashes too! Personally, I prefer the satisfaction of cleaning brushes with detergents but if you are on a budget or put off by this, obviously kefir is safe for all makeup brushes.

A few tips to help any aspiring makeup artist to clean their beauty tools

Always start from base textured guides. These prevent bacteria from collecting in arches and help your product last longer. They also work well when applying/dispersing certain products! Use a warm-water solution of 1-part vinegar to 2 parts water but follow it with a separate cold rinse. Kefir should also be okay with this. Wash your brushes regularly especially in the case where you have discolorations (bra bondage) or if there are stubborn particles lurking about under bristles! These can compromise product application and consistency. There’s no need to have decorative pink bristles by brush head. Another tip is to set brushes upside down when drying. This prevents any leftover product and bacteria from flowing down the bristles while they sit by warm water (hand brushing/watering) or even outside!

Why use a makeup brush?

I know this is a strange and a weird question but bear with me. Yeah, I could just wipe on some face lotion but you can use makeup brushes to apply cream/liquid foundation easier and without the icky mess formed while putting it directly onto your hand! Brushes are multipurpose in your beauty kit too … they do great stuff at buffing (bronzer, blush), getting rid of acne scars by cold pressing movements, or even doing spot makeup on the cheekbones! When I say brushes also do stuff, don’t let guys purists get super offended because it could just be over-exuberance but no one actually got used to doing their under eyes with a liquid concealer which is definitely not for dry skin like ours.

Why use a brush to apply foundation?

Brushes soften and distribute both liquid (makeup) yet also the powdery foundation to your entire face for a smooth, even coverage. If you want full coverage using tampons or pads is probably not the best idea because it can absorb into our skin through friction which leads to dehydration of all little/big cells in our body as well as painful rashes. A good 5 minutes with a warm water spritz will make the product flow effortlessly, if not then let the bristles absorb plenty. Apply with your brush onto a piece of clean white paper towel and apply while patting off excess fluid before putting on your makeup! In my opinion, the brushes make the job easy and precise when applying makeup to your skin, making you look good and beautiful in just a matter of minutes.


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