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With the onset of one of the initial heat waves to hit the city New Yorkers are seeking areas that have air cooling. Theatres or museums are great however, who wants to pay $15 every time? Get to know how you can have free air conditioner today.

The reality is that in New York there are many places in which you can take advantage of cooling air conditioning for free as well as cool temps, as stated on Curbed New York. Curbed New York news portal .

1. Brookfield Place
Also known for its Winter Garden , this glass atrium that has palm trees in it is free of charge and has access to a variety of metro lines. Their offers are detailed at the web site .

2. Staten Island Ferry
A ride on the Staten Island Ferry is among the top things you can do for free on the island of New York , even if you don’t want air cooling. It’s a 30-minute walk that offers a stunning views of the Statue of Liberty .

3. South Ferry station
It’s not logical to suggest an underground station as an ideal place to cool down but take note that the brand new South Ferry stop has climate-controlled platforms. The temperature won’t be as frigid as an air-conditioned area but if you’re looking to make your journey less painful take a moment to visit this station .

A $4 billion construction, Santiago Calatrava ‘s Oculus is a stunning air-conditioned, comfortable space. If you’re seeking a break from the crowds, stroll through the aisles to discover a variety of restaurants and shop while relaxing.

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5.Chelsea Market
It is among the most well-known street markets. In The Chelsea Market there is a chance to sit back and enjoy a comfortable temperature. The gallery is home to a variety of restaurants and shops, and when you’re feeling like it, you can walk along on the High Line and take in the stunning views.

6. Empire Stores
In the Brooklyn waterfront , the newly renovated Empire Stores is another great and refreshing spot to spend time, thanks to the many stores and the atrium which looks at Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge .

7.Strand Bookstore
The bookshop situated off Union Squere had no air cooling, which made shopping there during the summer a treat for those who were courageous. After the remodel in 2005, it was an enjoyable spot to peruse books even on hot days .

8.City Point
It’s true that City Pointis an actual shopping center However, the great thing about it is that malls are an ideal opportunity to get a fresh start. The center has a wide range of shops with shops like The Danish Flying Tiger, a new Trader Joe’s and a DeKalb Market Hall.

9. David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center
The “privately-owned public spaces” (POPS) are small hidden spaces all over the city. Many of them are indoors equipped with air cooling. For example, the Lincoln Center atrium is one of the top. It features a 20-foot-high wall designed in the style of Tod Williams Bille Tsien Architects and a fountain, as well as a space to relax and browse the internet with free WiFi , as some exhibits.

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