Cryptocurrency is a type of digital or virtual currency based on blockchain technology. 2021 was the year of Cryptocurrency. So, at this point, there is no hiding from Crypto at all. It’s legit, everywhere you go, someone is talking about it, and it is all over the news. Honestly, at this point, you are either in or you are out. 

Now with all this uncertainty in the market right now, many people are wondering where they should be putting their money. To make a relatively safe investing strategy for generating the highest returns, one must find out which Cryptocurrency has the potential to go rocket this year. 

Getting in early 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other coins that are maintaining their positions on the top of Crypto markets have made people a lot of money. But these coins have lost their element of getting in early. 

If you would have invested just 1000$ in AXIE infinity one year ago, today you’d have approximately $223,250. If you would have invested just 1000$ in TERRA LUNA, you’d have made $137,300. Similarly, if you would have invested $1000 in SOLANA, you’d have made $101,500 approximately. That is the power of “getting in early”. 

In the times when other leading coins are losing their track of becoming the backbone of the new financial system, a new coin arrives, Bficoin. This coin has all the positive aspects of the leading coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With better and more advanced blockchain technology. This makes BFIC the perfect most potential candidate to invest in. 

The best part of this Cryptocurrency is that it is new and have not hit their max yet, giving you the chance to get in early. 


BFIC is a decentralized coin that is supported by a massive ecosystem. Integrating all the positive aspects of Bitcoin, Ethereum and TRON this new coin is becoming the third-generation blockchain technology. Although this coin is new, it is still making rocket progress in the market. 

In the past few years, bitcoin and some other major coins have ruled the market from the top. 

Many more coins attempted to reach the top, but none were worthy. BFIC with its third-generation advancements and better blockchain technology can compete with the crowning coins of the market.  

Bficoin fulfills all the lacks of other leading coins and jumps into the market with even better blockchain technology. Which means less charging fee over every transaction. Not only this, unlike bitcoin, the transactions are faster and even more secure. This makes BFIC the coin of the next generation. The blockchain behind BFIC is supported by a massive ecosystem, allowing it to be more powerful, stable, and scalable. 

Unlike bitcoin, BFIC has the whole lot to mine and earns excessive money out of it.  

Therefore, one will be telling the truth when he says that: BFIC has the ability not only to challenge bitcoin but also dethrone it from its kingdom. BFIC will soon emerge as the most powerful Cryptocurrency that will be fast and easy to trade. 

Other than Cryptocurrencies, blockchain has 5 more main application  

  • Utility  
  • DeFi  
  • NFT  
  • Metaverse  
  • Web 3.0  

Every Cryptocurrency has a specific category that they fit in. Bficoin is the only Crypto that is powerful enough to fall in all of the above categories. And you check its Bfic Ecosystem, where you can find the update regarding its upcoming Projects.

Great start of the year   

The year has not even started properly and Bficoin is already making huge jumps in the market. At the start of the month, January BFIC was standing at $7, and at the end of this month, it reached $18. Making it the only coin which doubles its price in a month. This shows that Bficoin has 100x price growth potential. 

Company behind 

The roadmap of the company shows the launch of various projects. The Innovation Factory’s development team promises to provide nearly one product per month. By far, they are succeeding in their commitment. They have already launched 3 out of 15 projects. With the launch of every new project, the capital volume will increase leading to an increase in the price of BFIC. 

In light of the company’s recent achievements and prospective projects. Bficoin has every potential to go higher in the future. Do not wait any more, invest in this coin before it touches its highest.


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