Custom printed shipping boxes

Do you wish to improve your customer relations? Custom printed shipping boxes work in diverse ways to enhance brand prominence while sustaining a healthy customer liaison.

When was the last time you conducted a review of your shipping boxes? Have you realized that a lot of customer expectations and market trends may have changed since? It might be time to take a second look at the CPG boxes that you ship to customers.

Why so?

Well, customized shipping packaging is the most anticipated brand feature, if the recent customer polls are anything to go by. The current e-commerce scenarios make it imperative that your branded boxes create an instant customer liking. 

Most branded boxes land up at customers’ places even long after they have consumed the products. It forms a durable bond with buyers with the brand dominating every future shopping choice.

What kind of shipping boxes is the most suitable?

Yes, opting for customized CPG boxes can boost customer loyalty and sales. But there is a catch here; only relatable shipping boxes made in consideration with various crucial factors stand tall among the crowd.

Although such planning takes time and effort, the results more than make up for the invested assets. It is also the most effective measure your brand must take if you want your customers to keep coming back for more.

The most suitable sipping boxes warrant the following:

  • Allow your brand to enhance customer lifetime value

Making one-time sales is not going to elevate brand growth. One of the important aspects of marketing is to encourage customers to buy on a loop. This is because repeated sales make up a larger proportion of total annual sales revenues.

Regulated shipping boxes keep the customers interested in the business. They form a pleasing shopping experience that customers find worthy of repeating. It improves the customers’ lifetime value.

  • Deliver original CPG products

Can a delightful customer experience be ensured with damaged CPGs? Customers obviously want their products to come in one piece.

Every product is different and there is a box suitable for them. Getting these to ship the products boosts customer satisfaction while lowering the burden on refunds and customers’ replacement requests.

Custom printed shipping boxes
  • Sparks customer enthusiasm

Another benefit of efficient shipping boxes is that they offer a retainable opening procedure. Customers value this even more than the products they receive. The many YouTube and social media videos are proof of this trend.

The boxes are flexible to be used with various box features, printing effects, and branding materials. Customers remember their favorite brands by their signature appeal. Once they get this, they are unlikely to switch their preferences.

How to employ the boxes for maximizing customer relations?

The golden question is that if the boxes offer so many multiple benefits, why not every brand become popular among customers? The secret lies in creating workable boxes.

Here are some improvement hacks that can work wonders for your brand image:

  1. Make boxes simple yet engrossing

Customers want to feel an offbeat unboxing experience but it doesn’t mean spending eons on trying to figure out the custom printed shipping boxes structures.

The opening process must be quick and smart; your brand personality must reflect through it. An easier way to understand this is by looking at shipping boxes Apple offers. The boxes come in a clean and clear layout. The unboxing process involves the boxes opening with the brand logo and communicating professional vibes to customers.

You can use the unlock tabs for reinstating the brand image. Personalized messages also work great to impress customers. The boxes can be shaped innovatively with a lot of emphasis on simplistic locks that enhance customer convenience in accessing the products time and over.

  • Categorize customers and products

Your brand can be selling more than one kind of CPGs. It works to have boxes made especially for every type. This way the customers get your products in good condition all the time. Moreover, your branding can radiate through every custom packaging that belongs to your business.

Thinking about the target customers also helps. Identify what your customers value. For instance, sustainable packaging is popular these days. Buyers’ occupation also determines what they like about the CPG shipping boxes they receive.

Aligning the box designs with the branding goal is a good way to crack the customer satisfaction code and get their loyalties for life.

  • Entice them for communication

If you observe closely, many brands today try to spark a customer debate over some sort of prevalent issue. They ask for customer responses on their social media handles.

About 54% of customers now expect the brands to take an active part in social causes. It dually helps to spread brand awareness and conveys the business as a sound and socially-conscious entity. Nike was one of the first brands to talk about the recent racial injustice in the U.S. customers aged between 16 to 49 thought that the ad was 98% more powerful than others.

It opens new doors for customer involvement. Your brand can also get some valuable feedback on promotions, new products, and packaging designs.

  • Anticipate change in consumer variants

We live in a fickle world where the internet causes fluctuations in customer tastes.

Being updated about these can help to imbibe the customer dynamic within the boxes beforehand. Additionally, planning for the upcoming events and holidays also makes the shipping boxes more relevant.

A good way is to try to place yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Try to think about what the boxes lack in terms of giving a perfect and wholesome shopping feel to clients. This has proven to be a constructive technique to build customer trust and escalate the value each one of them adds to the sales revenues.

The overall look must contribute to your branding prospects with branded graphics, and logos.


Custom CPG boxes can keep your shipment safe and your customers satisfied. You can pick any desired brand presentation you dream of!


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