When you are looking to change the car oil, most people are of the assumption that it is the engine oil that needs to be removed. Yes it happens to be one of the common lubricant that may require the attention of the car owners it is to be understood that there are other areas in your car that require lubrication apart from the engine of the car. Gear lubrication is important when it comes to your car.

A feature is that gear oil is often forgotten and is not recognized coming to the scenario of routine maintenance. The main objective of gear oil is to cool, lubricate and ensure proper protection to all the parts of the car that has moving metal and rotating gears. This works out to be gears that enable the spinning of wheels at a proper speed once you are stepping on the gas. If you do not check out the vehicle for proper gear oil then it is paramount that the performance of the vehicle will decrease over a period of time.

An industrial gear oil has to be used properly. When you are using it properly within gear operation a limited degree of fiction is assured. If there is less fiction it may lead to less debris near the contact region of the engine. Another utility of the gear oil is controlling extreme pressure and temperature. The moment you are able to achieve a proper balance of temperature this would prevent scoring, spilling, splitting or other forms of damage that can lead to gear rotation.

Pointers associated with gear oil

With the use of gear oil make sure that you use it of proper quality. There is always a temptation of using low quality gear oil. Since the change interval is longer it is important to be using a quality lubricant. The premium version of gear oils may reduce carbon accumulation and build up.

Pretty much like a traditional oil, the gear oil that has been used for a long time will suffer from debris and oxidation. It also depends upon the frequency of the oil change as it may have a thick viscosity. If you do not change it the gear oil can break down leading to major maintainenace issues.

The frequency where you need to change the gear oil?

The wear and tear on the gears is going to take place during the break in period of your car. What it means is that if there is a new car you have to change the gear oil within the first oil change of your car that is around 3000 miles. Once done you may not have to change it for around 30000 to 50000 miles. Though it is going to depend upon the specific car along with the driving conditions you may encounter. Even if you are not able to recollect the last time when you got your gear oil changed there is no need to worry.


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