Plywood is the new guiding angel for your modern house. Yes, wood was the only choice but primitively. Plywood has become the best, even the better substitute in some aspects. It is incredibly stylish, well-polished, and long-lasting.

Plywood vs solid wood

  1. Appearance – Though some of us want the old and matte wood finish touch, modern house decors often do not go with them. The solid wood looks beautiful but pretty much the same as always. At the same time, plywood comes with different grains and is made with various decorative veneers. Plywood has a soft, tough, and polished look, which seems to go with today’s house design. People even prefer plywood for their furniture set-ups. Plywood coating over solid wood underneath not only gives the best quality but is also eye-pleasing.
  2. Durability – it is a misconception to think that solid wood is more durable than plywood. Though plywood is not solid wood but a mixture of wood, glue, and even paper, it is not less than any wood. Plywood is equally sustainable if maintained. The specially designed moisture-resistant, fire-resistant and waterproof plywood is ten times better than any solid wood. Wood is prone to water and moisture damage, but this specially designed plywood not only gives your house a more sophisticated touch but also protects it from within. Plywood can last for years against heat, water, and bacteria with little maintenance. Customers across varied segments have been satisfied with their plywood products and furniture.
  3. Cost – another aspect where plywood surpasses real wood is its price. Compared to solid wood, plywood is much more affordable. Solid wood can be at times a bit pricey to afford for many. So, naturally, people will turn to what is less pricey but still a good build. Plywood gives you both durability and style at a much less cost. Think of all the money one can save, that is otherwise spent on solid wood. Another reason why plywood comes cheaper than solid wood is that it is also easily available in markets than solid wood. Plywood can be more easily bought without much hassle.
  4. Strength – it is a known fact that a solid, authentic, straight from tree’s trunk kind of wood will have more strength than any other substitute. But this does not mean the plywood is fragile. For years it has been tested on furniture and every other sort of wooden product. It has impressed all with its strength. Best quality plywood is often made with hardwood, which makes it equally strong as solid wood.
  5. Flexibility – as mentioned earlier, wood may be solid, but when it comes to application and usage, it is not that flexible. On the other hand, plywood has a wide range of both quality and types. From furniture to showpieces, plywood can be applied almost everywhere. Plywood is easy to bend, glue, and design. It is one of the most efficient engineered woods, which never fails to provide long-time usage and the best functions. The fun fact is even someone who prefers solid wood stuff will end up purchasing things with plywood coating. Solid wooden things are not well furnished. Plywood gives them a stylish look and elegant touch. Plywood lasts for a long time, even in bathrooms and kitchens.
  6. Environmentally good – solid wood is extremely nature-degrading, exploiting, and harsh on the environment. Solid wood needs large quantities of cutting trees to make things, while plywood – a mixture of wooden sheets, glue, and paper, reduces the amount of solid wood usage. Plywood is a lot more sustainable for your wealth, house, and as well as environment.

Lastly, wood will remain irreplaceable, but its high cost, high maintenance, and low availability certainly makes plywood a better and easy option. Waterproof and moisture-resistant plywood crosses all the obstacles that were originally faced by solid wood. Different kinds of plywood sheets and decorative veneers compliment your modern décor house. High-quality plywood almost lasts longer than solid hardwood, with much less precaution and safety. Wigwam plywood is a worthy name to mention if you are looking for the best plywood in the market. Since the market is filled with duplicate and fake plywood, it is important to trust a renowned manufacturer.


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