Syndeia is a platform for software for integrated modeling-based engineering. Windchill Software Tutorial allows engineers to collaborate and simultaneously develop and manage a digital thread to manage any complicated product or system by federating models and information from a variety of models and simulating tools, corporate software, and data repository.

This vast collection of tools and repositories includes such things as SysML modelling tools (e.g. MagicDraw, Rhapsody), PLM systems (e.g. Teamcenter and Windchill) and CAD software (e.g. NX, Creo), ALM systems (e.g. GitHub, JIRA), Project Management Systems (e.g. JIRA), Requirements Management Systems (e.g. DOORS-NG, Jama) Tools for simulation (e.g. MATLAB/Simulink), Databases (e.g. MySQL) and various databases (e.g. Excel).

Syndeia offers a variety of tools for creating managing, monitoring, analysing the visual, querying and the digital thread that runs through the system or product throughout its lifecycle. Syndeia relies on a wide range of standards that are open (e.g. REST/HTTP JDBC, JSON, STEP, OSLC, and FMI) as well as open-source projects and APIs for production provided through our partner.

Digital Thread Digital Thread is a graph with nodes that belong to different tools, repositories for enterprise and versions control systems The edges of the graph are internal model relationships within the tool as well as inter-model relations developed and maintained via Syndeia among the nodes.

Syndeia offers :

Transformation of Syndeia models to construct the thread graph digitally like drag-n-drop demands in Jama or DOORS-NG into SysML to create Simulink model models as well as PLM parts structures using SysML models, and connect the behavior elements of SysML with software codes on GitHub, or monitor the development progress of a sub-system JIRA direct from SysML.

Services by Syndeia for searching, comparing and bi-directionally sync models that are connected to the digital thread. For instance, it can comparison and sync of changes in the architecture of the system to PLM component structure or to compare SysML with Simulink models or sync changes to DOORS-NG’s requirements with SysML.

Digital Thread graph is a Digital Thread graph is the digital model of a system that develops over the course of its life. It is aware of version of the connected model that are available in different configuration management systems, e.g. PLM, ALM, Requirements Management.

Syndeia visualization and query tools to study the digital thread and track both inter- and intra-model connections within and across boundaries of tools/repositories. For instance, you can start by creating an SysML block, and then explore inter-model and intra-model relationships to the requirements of Jama and finally, relationships to mechanical components of PLM as well as CAD software or problems in JIRA.

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